Sunday, April 21, 2024
Creative Writings

Kohima- Land of Peace

The dark clouds have hidden
The beautiful green vales
And The lights from each homes
Formed glorious hillocks .
As I took the lone evening walk,
It Seemed so soothing -each moment.
A city at night, Kohima
With no hustles-bustles
And serenity reigns the air.
Where is the night life? Some sighed!
The night is calm and breezy,
As always!
They call it a feminist’s hue and cry,
But there is no eve tease.
In the dark alley,
Or by the road side
That preety girl laughing away
The jokes of the four-wheeler.
Where, in the day of salvation
And A piece of peace yearning hidden behind those chuckles.
Peace- some have it some seek it!

‘A Land Of Peace’, I declared!
Because tonight the dark clouds stood still,
And halted me.
As if it carried the message of Peace
Until heard, to let me go
and ceased me to trod further.
‘Peace on earth, Peace on us
Peace in the Land.’
Peace- so is the land claimed for!
Only then, Dwindled away the cloud
And the tiny drizzle began to chase me
As I fled for shelter in that peaceful bosom!

Kikruneinuo Liezietsu