Kohima Football League-2; Khriekesa & Twenty XI draw; Ziekezou wins


Match patrons – Joint proprietors of KAPRAA, Diana Ayemi, Elona Ayemi and Ayetoli Ayemi along with KTC officials and players of Ziekezou FC and Vanguard FC on August 14, 2018.

Kohima, August 14: Khriekesa Football Club Meriema and Twenty XI FC Viswema shared a point each while Ziekezou Sporting Club earned full points in today’s match of the Kohima Football League-2 organised by Kohima Town Club at Local ground here.
Playing a closely contested first match of the day, Khriekesa FC Meriema were held back by Twenty XI FC Viswema for 2-2 goals.
Khriekesa FC scored first through Purankum (13) in 12th minute while Twenty XI fought back and found the equalizer in 26th minute through Zevito Khizo (10). But, Khriekesa still went ahead as Khrieneituo Kezieo (16) scored the lead in 37th minute to end the first half.
However, Viho Kin (23) made an excellent stride in the 60th minute to score the second equalizer and finally ending the match to share a point each.
Both Khrieneituo Kezieo (16) and Keneingutuo Yaotsu (21) of Khriekesa FC were yellow carded during the match.
Playing another closely contested match, defending champion and presently second positioned Ziekiezou SC defeated Vanguard FC Tseminyu by 3-2.
Dominating the first half of the game, Keneinguze Pienyü (9) broke the deadlock of Ziekezou SC in 24th minute while Vilhoubeituo Yhome (15) doubled the tally in 29th minute and Punürü Nienu (10) tripled it in 39th minute to close the first half at 3-0.
However, after the lemon break, Vanguard effort to return to the game resulted with Ziekezou defence line committing foul inside the D’box by pulling down Kezhose Mathew (5) and referee awarded a penalty. Skipper Yhunshalo Kemp (9) neatly converted the shot to minimize the margin in 51st minute while he also brought it down with the second goal in the additional time of the match. Kemp was also the only player to be yellow carded for intentionally handling the ball.
Joint proprietors of KAPRAA, Diana Ayemi, Elona Ayemi and Ayetoli Ayemi witnessed the match as patrons.
Match for Aug 15: Sechü-Zubza FC vs New Market FC at 2 p.m. (Page News Service)