Kohima Football League-2; Khriekesa FC beats Vanguard FC


Purankum heads the final goal for Khriekesa FC against Vanguard FC on August 9, 2018.

Kohima, August 9: In one of the highest scoring match, Khriekesa Football Club Meriema earned full points beating Vanguard FC Tseminyu 5-3 in the ongoing Kohima Football League organized by Kohima Town Club at Local Ground here.
The first half was equally competed with both sides scoring goals one after another. It was Vanguard finding the first lead by setting record of fastest goal of this edition as Sinlo Kent (11) scored within the first two minute of play. However, Khriekesa didn’t lag behind with Vimelie (14) striking the equalizer in 7th minute.
Vanguard skipper Yhunshalo Kemp (9) found the back of rival nets in 17th minute but the assistant referee disallowed the lead declaring it an offside. Nevertheless, Mathew Kezhose (5) headed in the actual lead in 22nd minute off a long cross from the right-out by Nyithong Magh (7).
But they could not hold on the lead for too long as Purankum (13) struck in the much needed equalizer for Khriekesa as custodian Mezhulhoukho Krose (1) failed to get hold of a powered free kick from Velukho Rhakho (11) in 32nd minute. This ended the first half in 2-2 draw.
Four minutes into the second half, Vimelie dribbled past breaking rival defence line to find the second post giving Khrieksa the lead. But this time, it was Sinlo Kent scoring his second and the equalizer (3-3) for Vanguard in 57th minute taking advantage of custodian Neimezo Huozha (1) failure to clear a long ranger from Yhunshalo.
Nevertheless, the 67th minute gave Khriekesa headway through Ruokuovolie Phewhuo (17), while Vanguard almost found the equalizer in 80th minute but Yhunshalo’s header off Nyithong cross landed in the safe hands of Neimezo. The injury added time confirmed win for Khriekesa as Purankum header off Velukho’s corner pierced into the nets.
Match for August 10 at 2 p.m: New Market FC vs Twenty-XI FC Viswema
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