Kohima Diocese celebrates Priesthood Day


Dimapur, March 22: The Presbyterium (all the priests serving in the diocese) of the Diocese of Kohima, along with religious sisters and laity representative of the diocese of Kohima celebrated the Chrism Mass cum Priesthood Day on March 20 at Cathedral Church.
Most Rev. Dr. James Thoppil, the bishop of the Diocese of Kohima presided over the Eucharistic celebration. It is a yearly celebration during which the priests and representatives of the entire diocesan community to gather around the bishop to celebrate the event. Normally the celebration is held on Holy Thursday. However, this year for practical reasons, the celebration was held two weeks ahead in order to facilitate the priests to get back to their own parishes and centres for the Holy week celebrations with the faithful.
The Chrism Mass is a key moment in which the unity of the Bishop with his priest (together, they form the presbyterate) is manifested and renewed. This day is known as priesthood day because following the action of Christ at the Last Supper, at which He instituted the Holy Eucharist and the priesthood, the priests renew their vow of obedience to the bishop and their commitment to serve God’s people.
Bishop James centred his homily anchoring the priesthood on intimate relationship with Christ, being a merciful shepherd being close to the people, seeking to live a modest lifestyle and being available, admitting one’s limitations and being a model of integrity, exuding joy in ministry, being committed to quality preaching, carefully monitoring any clerical position or power one possess, building on the popular piety of the people, being genuinely sensitive to those on the ‘fringe’ and margins and being genuine missionary disciples.
At the end of the Liturgical celebration, the laity organised a short felicitation programme to express gratitude and appreciation.
Over 120 priests, a large gathering of religious sisters and faithful took part in the solemn yearly celebration. (Page News Service)