Thursday, June 20, 2024
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KNP authorities plan visitor engagement activities for sensitisation towards conservation efforts

Bokakhat (Assam), December 22: The Kaziranga National Park (KNP) authorities to sensitise visitors towards conservation activities and popularise the Kohora Centenary Museum have decided to host an enriching and immersive programme titled ‘Kajir Ronghangpi Tales’ on each Saturday during the tourist season.
KNP Director Sonali Ghosh told PTI that visitors to the park will get an opportunity to meet the persons behind the conservation efforts of the heritage park and delve into the cultural and rich heritage of the region.
The event will showcase the park’s treasure trove of natural beauty and biodiversity through live talks and screening of insightful documentaries at the museum, she said.
The ‘Kajir Ronghangpi Tales’ programme is an initiative to honour the cultural legacy and narratives that enrich the fabric of Kaziranga and its surrounding regions, the KNP director said.
It aims to create a platform for cultural exchange and appreciation, inviting visitors to embark on a journey of discovery and connection with roots to the Kaziranga.
The Kohora Centenary Museum, a bastion of regional history and culture, serves as an ideal venue for this event, offering a fitting backdrop to explore and showcase the unique tales of Kaziranga.
The premises also house the PD Stracey library which has a good collection of wildlife-related books and tourist information centre.
Eminent local people, experts, and storytellers will converge for an engaging talk show, sharing anecdotes, legends, and the rich oral traditions of the Kaziranga. ”We hope that their captivating narratives will help the visitors in exploring the historical tapestry woven by generations of inhabitants”, Ghosh said.
The documentaries to be screened during the programme will offer a glimpse into the Kaziranga National Park.
“The programme beginning from December 22 has been timed in the evening just after the safari and the cultural shows are over, so that the visitors are engaged fully”, the KNP director said.
A fee of Rs 50 per person will be charged as an entry ticket and the proceeds will be used to support the forest frontline through the staff welfare society, Ghosh added. (PTI)