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KNA-B appeals to NSCN (IM) not to mislead Nagas

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DIMAPUR, MAY 25: The Kuki National Army-Burma (KNA-B) has appealed to the NSCN (IM) not to mislead Nagas in India with “cheap propaganda” while rejecting the Naga group’s blaming of KNA-B for the death of Sentilong Jamir, an NSCN (IM) member, in Myanmar.
“It has come to the knowledge of Kuki National Army-Burma (KNA-B) that the NSCN-IM has in a condolence message on 23rd May, 2024 for their late Lieutenant Sentilong Jamir, a resident of Nagaland (India) blamed KNA-B for the death which is but fabricated with the motive of inciting the Ao community in Nagaland against the Kuki community”, stated a press release issued by the KNA-B on Saturday.
It stated that KNA-B is part of the Democratic Alliance Army under the National Unity Government (NUG), “which is the pro-democratic government in exile and therefore KNA-B never carries out military operation alone”. Operation Myothit, which began on the morning of May 7 and lasted till May 11, was launched by KNA-B and PDF under a unified command, it added.
“During the intense fighting in the battlefield, it is out of question for us to know the identity of each of our opponent member…We therefore appeal to all the informed people of Nagaland not to fall victims to this sort of NSCN-IM’s cheap propaganda but maintain peace and tranquillity in Nagaland for Christ sake”, the statement read.
Also, the group termed as unfortunate the accusations “time and again” by NSCN (IM) that the KNA-B is being used by Indian army to create violence in Manipur. “Would someone whose house is burning and is intensely engaged in fire fighting to save his property abandon halfway for some frivolous job not related to him? It is as simple as that. So, KNA-B has nothing to do with the violence in Manipur”, it stated.
The group, rather, questioned “the logic behind NSCN-IM’s support to the Meitei militants and the military Junta while making hue and cry about violation of human rights perpetrated against the Naga people who they claimed to represent”.
“The KNA-B as part of Democratic Alliance Army under the Unified Command of Military Operation Region-1 would like to reiterate our stand, which is resolute, for restoration of democracy in Myanmar. Upholding human rights even of our opponents being part and parcel of our commitment to reinstate democratic form of government in Myanmar, we maintain the principles of humanitarian law – military necessity, proportionality, humanity and honour.
“Therefore, if late Lieutenant Sentilong Jamir, a resident of Nagaland (India) is a victim of the operation Myothit as stated by NSCN-IM, KNA-B on behalf of the Democratic Alliance Army sincerely expressed our condolence to the bereaved family. The KNA-B has nothing against him either as individual or as a member of NSCN-IM”, the statement read.
It appealed to the NSCN-IM not to take shelter at army camps of Myanmar military junta, especially during operations launched by the Democratic Alliance Army but instead extend support to the NSCN-Hanshi group who are part of the pro-democracy movement in Myanmar.
“As fellow Christians, we also appeal to the NSCN-IM not to mislead the Naga people of India with cheap propaganda to instigate, incite, create violence on communal lines on the basis of military operations launched by the pro-democratic forces in Myanmar.
“While thanking the general public of India, including the Naga people for your support for democracy in Myanmar, we also humbly request you to be vigilant and not to be carried away by cheap propaganda as the KNA-B may not be able to respond to or clarify each and every unfounded allegation against our organisation in future”, it stated.
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