Tuesday, September 26, 2023

KMC informs on street vendors locations

Dimapur, May 4: Administrator Kohima Municipal Council(KMC) Kovi Meyase has informed that with effect from May 6, the following locations are designated for SEWA-nominated street vendors in Kohima till May 17:
1) Hotel Japfü Entrance (BOC area)
2) Box cutting near War Cemetery
3) APMC Market (TCP Gate area)
4) Super Market Area (near Northern Gate)
5) Pezielietsie (Tin- Patti)
6) Peraciezie (High School-Secretariat Jn.)
This shall be subject to the following Terms & Conditions
1) Only bonafide SEWA members having valid pass issued by the KMC shall be allowed to sell local products andvegetables at the designated areas
2) The SEWA nominated vendors shall compulsorily use masks and hand gloves
3) All products shall be sold in kgs and not in bundles
4) Use of banned plastic is strictly prohibited
5) Strict social distancing shall be maintained
6) Sale of any prohibited item(s) is restricted
7) Violation of any of the above terms and conditions shall lead to immediate cancellation of the permit with fines
(Page News Service)