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KLSU celebrates golden jubilee; Patton stresses on preserving tradition & culture

KLSU Patton

Kohima, January 29: Nagaland Deputy Chief Minister Y. Patton today stressed on the need for the younger Naga generation to prioritise one’s own dialect and also preserve the rich tradition and culture passed on by the forefathers.
He was speaking during the main celebration of Kohima Lotha Students’ Union (KLSU) golden jubilee at Naga Solidarity Park here Saturday on the theme “Charting Common Future”.
Patton said in this world of technology, as students they must know the right usage of the gadgets which are accessed by many and should not hamper their studies.
He stressed on the need for the young generation to excel in studies and to develop work culture.
Stating that not everyone can afford to study from Kohima as it is expensive, he said those already pursuing the studies here are the blessed one and must take their studies seriously. He also encouraged them to get through competitive exams.
Meanwhile, Patton also appealed to the KLSU members to always remember that because of the struggle of the elders to have the Union, they are celebrating the golden Jubilee today. He asked them to strive and continue to be the torchbearers and work for the uplift of the union.
On the occasion of golden jubilee, they should forgive and forget all differences between one another, he encouraged them, saying that over the years, KLSU has contributed significantly to the cause of students and society.
Theme speaker Dr. Abemo, Registrar of Nagaland University Hq Lumami, called upon the youngsters to accept the challenges in life and to start charting the common future for all despite all struggles.
He stressed that gospel teaching in churches should not be biblical alone but it should be linked up with socio economic living.
He also encouraged all to practice quality education by working hard in order to be self-reliant and not to just get just a paper degree. He also challenged the youngsters to be skilled along with their studies.
Abemo said that in order to become successful in life one needs to be disciplined and hardworking and there is no substitute for it.
Earlier, Patton also unveiled the jubilee monolith which was dedicated by Rev Mhathung Lotha while lighting of jubilee flame was done by Chairman Kohima Lotha Hoho C. Pankathung Lotha.
Lorhonthung E Kithan delivered the KLSU presidential address while brief history was shared by Ex-president KLSU (1978-79) Y Vandanshan Lotha and the jubilee greeting was extended by Lotha Students’ Union and Naga Students’ Federation.
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