KKYO general meet held

Last updated on: September 8, 2018 at 11:39 pm IST


Dimapur, September 8: Kuda Kewhimia Youth Organisation(KKYO) today held its first general meeting at Diphupar Angami Community Hall with My. Kezha Dzüvichü, Vice president Angami Baptist Church ABCC as the main speaker.
While stressing on the importance of perseverance and practice of our own culture and it’s practices, the speaker said that alien verbal communication has gradually surpassed our rich culture which is the fundamental principles of our identity.
“Our vocabulary has enough words to express our filling with more clarity if we use it accordingly, however, adapting the used of alien vocabulary either at home or work places by the younger generation will surely have a great miserable impact for the future,” he opined and further encouraged the youth to adapt the philosophy of “I can do” to meet the challenges ahead.
Kewhimia Union Kuda president, James Vizo who also spoke on the occasion stressed on the importance of participating at various activities.
He said that the more opportunities that comes ones should not let it go and call the youth to grab and used it so that knowledge and wisdom will pour in one’s life.
Vizo further called not to defy one’s own body and quoted a scripture that says “our body is the temple of God” and for which one should live a discipline and sincere life.
Khonuo Keretsü advisor Kuda Kewhimiapfü Mechü Krotho while exhorting the youth called upon them to uphold the rich culture and tradition of peace and harmony towards one another. She also stated that our tradition and culture depict our identity hence remind the youth to preserve it.
The day long programme witnessed games and entertainment besides the business hour.
Earlier, Teresa Site chaired the function, Varülhou Rutsa invoked God’s blessing while Thengulie delivered welcome and presidential address. Thejanuo Kite and Diphupar Kewhimia Youth enthralled with their melodious voice followed by vote of thanks by Keneiselie Zatsu. (Page News Service)