Kire clan rejects Zeliang’s statement

Kire clan rejects Zeliang’s statement

Dimapur, May 2: The Kire Chienuo (clan) has rejected the April 30 statement issued by Leader of Opposition, TR Zeliang as “unacceptable” and again demanded from Zeliang the reason behind “personalized vendetta” against its clan member within stipulated period.
In the April 30 statement, Zeliang has said he fails to recollect any action taken against Lhoubeilatuo Kire based on hatred or enmity some 20 years back, and sought that action or allegation initiated by him should be brought to light for clarification in public domain or individual level.
But the Kire clan in a statement today said this is unacceptable “since we have evidence of the instances and living witness.”
The issue between the clan and the Leader of Opposition pertains to allegation over MNREGS fund allocation to Kuda Village under Dimapur district, which the opposition party, NPF, had brought into public domain.
The Kire Chienuo also made it stand clear that it is neither against any political party nor have malicious intention to demean the role of opposition in democratic set up. “However, we felt necessary and just to support and fight against hatched conspiracy meted to a family member,” it said.
The clan also clarified that Lhoubeilatuo Kire, Principal Secretary, RD had never served any ultimatum to NPF party nor to TR Zeliang as alleged. The statement said it has also confirmed from the organizations that he (Lhoubeilatuo) had never lobbied nor rallied support of social organizations for issuing press release in his favour.
“It is the Kire clan who questioned the conduct of Shri TR Zeliang in the light of instances of personalized allegation. Further, it demand from Shri TR Zeliang the reason behind personalized vendetta against our clan member within stipulated period in the last press statement.,” it said
Stating that the Kire Chienuo will not drag the matter in media, but the matter will be traditionally and customarily dealt with, the statement warned that in the process if anything happen to Lhoubeilatuo Kire physically or his career, the clan shall put the blame and responsibility to TR Zeliang. (Page News Service)