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Kiphire tribal orgs for quarantine of returnees at Kohima & Dimapur

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KOHIMA, MAY 26: Against the backdrop of some organisations coming out against quarantining people in Kohima and Dimapur, tribal organisations of Kiphire district have asked the State Government for proper quarantine of their citizens at Kohima and Dimapur before ferrying them to Kiphire.
In a joint representation submitted to the Chief Minister, President USLP, T Seopi Sangtam, Ex Chairman YTC, Shelimthong, Vice President, Eastern Sumi Hoho, urged the Government that all returnees of Kiphire district and Longkhim-Chare zone, under Tuensang district, coming from across India, be properly quarantined at Kohima and Dimapur as per standard operating procedure (SOP) and sent to the district only after undergoing testing for COVID-19 for the safety of society as a whole.
They said this has been necessitated not because they do not want the returnees but solely based on the grim reality that Kiphire is situated in the extreme corner of the State away from the modern medical facility nearest being at Kohima and Dimapur, will not be able to cope with the situation in case anyone is found to be positive.
They also assured the State Government for all possible support and assistance as the case may be in the common fight against COVID-19. “Thus we would like to implore upon your esteemed authority considering all these stakes at hand to contain all the dubious COVID-19 case at Dimapur and Kohima itself which would be the panacea for our problems” they added.
The three tribal leaders while appreciating and acknowledging the State Government’s effort to contain COVID-19 added that people of Kiphire are constrained to urged the Government to look into their grievances. “We would also like to place on record in expressing our gratitude to the medical staff of Kiphire for the service rendered during this challenging and difficult times who are working round the clock inspite of the insurmountable challenge” the representation stated.
They said though the district hospital, Kiphire, has been converted into COVID-19 hospital the facilities available in treating and testing of COVID-19 is very limited.
In the meantime, some organisations have come out against people from other districts being quarantined at Kohima and Dimapur claiming to run out of accommodations. These organisations have come under severe public flak.
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