Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Kikruma village erects monolith in memory of 1851 battle

Nagaland News

Kikruma (Phek), May 10: In commemoration of the fierce battle fought between Kikruma village and the British of 1851, the Kikruma Village Council has constructed a monolith at Rünyitu at the battlefield spot within the village premises.
Retired secretary to Government of Nagaland, Sachopra Vero dedicated the monolith on May 4 last by unveiling the plaque which reads “In memory of the battle of 1851 – The bloodiest battle ever fought in the North Eastern Frontier Hills between the British Imperial Army led by Capt. REID, Lt Vincent and Lt Campbell of the 1st and 2nd Assam Light Infantry, along with 800 Naga allies, and the warriors of Kikruma village on 11th and 12th February, 1851.”
It would serve as a constant reminder for the present generation of Kikruma village and as well as the posterity of the great values that the ancestors of the village cultivated and practiced – values such as bravery, courage, valour and above all unity among its people, stated Vero in dedicatory message.
The event is more than mere symbolism, as it is a historic day for the people of Kikrüma where the people have come together to honour the common future based on those admirable values handed down to the present generation by the grandfathers and great grand-fathers, he said.
VDB secretary Kikruma village Besungoyo Puro chaired the programme while Pastor of CBCK Chikhungo Puro offered prayers. (Page News Service)