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Kigwema Baptist Church observes 100 years of Christianity

Kigwema Baptist Church

Kohima, December 28: The Kigwema Baptist Church (KBC) observed 100 years of Christianity (1920-2020) under the theme ‘Declare his Glory- Psalms 96:3’ on December 26 and 27at Kigwema Baptist Church.

Theme speaker of the Jubilee, Dr. Kethoser Kevichiisa, Speaker & Trainer, RZIM, Life Focus Society called to ‘Declare his Glory in worship and witness’. Imploring the meaning of glory, he stressed on the need to ponder on what glory we have been called for adding that glory is not of popularity or luminosity but one that is of ‘substance’ and being of weight.
“Ultimately glory is not in the creation and nation or tribes nor rests in positions, but true glory is seen in all of God’s creation” he said while directing to the maker. He called our land as ‘a city on a hill’ while stating that “the word of God penetrated to our land even when we are surrounded by major non-Christian nations, rather small, untouched and backward. This he referred as a reminder to glorify his name.
Kethoser, meanwhile, added that we need to receive Christ if we consider ourselves born-Christians. “Being born in a Christian family does not make one a Christian nor is passed from one generation to another,” he underscored. Towards this, he called to declare his glory in worship and witness- by praising and sharing about God, doing one’s part and performing to one’s calling and enable people to see our good works and glorify the father in heaven.
Rev. Bonny Resu, Pastor, Chakhesang BC, Dimapur during the inaugural session expounded the importance of using our workplaces as a place of mission and ministry to glorify his name stating that our God is concerned with how institutions/governments run and certainly concerned about how we conduct ourselves in our workplace impacting and affecting common people both positively and negatively.
Therefore, the celebration of 100 years calls to “think and talk about missions” as a matter of responsibility thinking beyond sending people to the ends of the world but to conduct ourselves well in our workplaces.
“If every Christian believed that God has placed us in our positions to be his instruments then we would begin to make great differences in our society”, he added. In this light, he said Nagaland as Christian State will have better roads, consistent electricity, water supply or quality education and businesses would be fairer and development will be more visible.
The speaker, therefore called to progress in spiritual living, be fearful- unquestioning of God’s appointed leadership and demonstrate missionary zeal by leading exemplary lives.
Rev. Kethozeho Sale, Pastor, Khuzama Baptist Fellowship, Kohima expressed that a jubilee is the greatest time to exalt his name and renew our faith. Glory is not a story or meaning of guilt, it is not a person of shame but it is flesh and humans are the best creation of God created in his own image. Humans are the most blessed and loved, and it is not because of any other reason but because of the glory of God,” he said.
The mission to glorify his name has to be pondered deeply, Sale said and added that as believers we are duty bound to speak and share of his gospel to the unreached people. “If we fail to live in the likeness of Christ, then we have failed as Christians,” he reminded the congregation and further exhorted them that salvation belongs to the ones who obey and believed!

Earlier, the Centenary Monolith was solemnized by Rev. Zapovil Sophie, Pastor, Jakhama BCon December 26.
Earlier, Dr. AkhoYhokha, Executive Chairman, KBC gave a brief history of the Church
Rev. ViwelieKhezhie, Honorary Pastor, Khedi BC; and MedoYhokha, Advisor, Technical Education & Election also gave short messages.
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