Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Khulazu Bawe-Basa conducts combined gospel service

Kohima, July 28: In an effort to have better bonding between the citizens of Khulazu Basa and Khulazu Bawe village, residing in Kohima, a combine gospel fellowship was conducted at Ura Academy on July 28. The programme was organised by Khulazu Bawe-Basa Welfare Committee Kohima.
The primary aim was to uplift the welfare of the people and to have a better understanding between them, said convenor of the committee, Satahi Shijo. Earlier, a sort of outdoor activities were conducted between these two villages, yet coming together in the manner of gospel service was the first of its kind. At this, Shijo hopes for more of such programmes in future.
Administrator of Oking Christian School, Kohima, Zhopota Rhakho delivered the sermon during the programme. He emphasised on the importance of having fellowship together, so as to strengthen one another spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.
As information technology advances, he felt that youngsters tends to spend maximum time in the visual world instead of spending time with parents and friends. Their outdoor activities are replaced by latest gadgets at hand, he observed and cautioned them of obsessed such lifestyle.
According to the administrator, people faced with problems because they do maintain a personal relationships with God. He call upon the gathering to have a steadfast faith in the Lord and encourage one another in every possible.
Zühücho Resü, a senior citizen also exhorted during the programme. Saying that students life is just a few years affair, he asked them to work hard with full dedication, so as to compete with others in any field.
He warned them of indulging in anti-social elements and advised them to be wise in their decisions. Learn to prioritise one’s studies from various social activities, he added. Futher, Resü also advised the students to go to church, as that will, in turn help themselves in times of difficulties.
Choir of Khulazu Basa and Khulazu Bawe presented a special number during the programme. Around 500 members attended the event.
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