Khrüphi presents “Fall Winter”

Khrüphi presents “Fall Winter”

A fashion show billed as “Fall Winter “will take place on November 23 at Hotel Vivor, Kohima at 5:00 PM.
This fashion show will be held under the aegis of Khrüphi, a group of 5 young upcoming designers.
Khrüphi designers include; Neisa Rupreo, Aso Tsürho, Ken. Dzüvichü, Rüguo Mere and Nütso Kire.
They will be showcasing their own design based on different theme.
Khrüphi is a Tenyidie word which means “Mirror” and it carries a significant connotation, the importance of looking at once own reflection to prime oneself whether outward or inward.
The glamour evening will feature showstopper like Ruopfüzhano Whiso (FBB Colors Femina Miss India Nagaland 2018), Neilangunuo Sanchu (Miss Tiara India Nagaland 2018) and Pelevinuo Rüpreo (Miss Kohima Runner up 2017)
It will also feature renowned artist like Virie and Seyievinuo Chuzho.