Saturday, June 19, 2021

Khonoma Rüffüno Nagaland Sports Meet concludes

Khonoma, August 24: Celebrating 75 years of Khonoma Rüffüno Nagaland (KRN), a half-marathon was organized today from Indoor Stadium Kohima to Terhuotsiese, Khonoma village covering a total of 21.98kms.
Termed as ‘Khonoma Marathon for Conservation’, it was held on the theme ‘Reserve, Conserve and Preserve.’
Kohima Municipal Council Administrator, Kovi Meyase flagged off the marathon, which saw a total of 273 runners from all ages. The marathon also saw a separate division for senior citizens (60 years and above). The senior citizens ran for 5 kms.
The various KRN units that came together for the event includes Kohima, Khonoma, Dimapur, Medziphe, Zubza and Dzülekie units.
The senior citizen was won by Vozoto Meyase (Khonoma unit), Kezevikho Zhünyü (Medziphe unit) second position and Megoselie Vakha (Kohima unit) third position.
The men’s half marathon winners are Pelesekho Zhünyü of Medziphe unit, Avikho Dolie of Khonoma unit and Vikhotso Kruse of Khonoma unit.
The top three winners of the women’s half marathon are Megokieno Rürhie, Kerüvikhono Chase and Rokometono Mor. All the three winners are from Khonoma unit.
The half marathon winner walked away with Rs. 10,000 while the second and third position received Rs. 7000 and Rs. 5000 respectively.
In the senior citizens category, the first, second and third got Rs. 5000, Rs. 3000 and Rs. 2000 respectively.
The number of marathon runners who completed the run include 22 women and 105 men.
In football, Medziphema unit won against Khonoma unit in a strong 4-0 score while in volleyball, Khonoma unit won against Dzülekie unit.
Chatha Terhüja of Medziphe unit won the first position for the arm wrestling and the second place was taken by Zhaputso Khate of Dimapur unit.
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