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Khonoma celebrates Thekranyi – Festival of the youth


GoN aims for inclusive development & progress: Abu Metha

KOHIMA, MAY 20: Khonoma, the first green village in Nagaland today celebrated Thekhanyi, a festival of the youth on the theme “Excelling in the 21st Century” with Advisor to Chief Minister and Chairman Investment & Development Authority of Nagaland, Abu Metha as special guest at Terhotsiese, Khonoma.
Speaking on the occasion, Metha said that the Government’s aim is development and progress in an inclusive manner that will take the citizens of the State towards the common aspiration.
Asserting that the Nagaland Government will tirelessly work towards achieving the aspirations of the people, he said the Government, under the leadership of Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio, is having a pragmatic approach to governance with the right person for the right job.
Touching on the festival’s theme, Metha said the world is moving at a very fast pace with technological advancement every day. Saying that knowledge is power, he emphasized on the need to impart quality education so as to combat the hurdles in the new environment of the global village as the knowledge is available to everybody at the press of a button with the advancement of technology.
He also stressed on the need to use the platforms of social media platforms in a positive manner and not to forward social media posts without verified.
Nagaland’s strength is geography being surrounded by India, China, ASEAN countries and Bangladesh, some of the rising economies of the world, he said while encouraging the people of the State to make appropriate use of the opportunities in the post-colonial world to be part of the economic changes.
In this, he stressed on having good leadership at all levels including political, civil societies and NGOs and communities who understand the dynamics to prepare ourselves to be tomorrow ready and excel in the 21st century.
In this, the only way forward is unity, he said, adding that there cannot be progress with disunity.
Accepting that there are development deficits in other parts of the State, he said the Tenyimi community especially the Angami tribe are in the epicentre of the State being in the State capital and known as the elder brother.
He reminded the Angamis that as elder brothers they have to play the role of sacrifices for others so that all can march together as a family.
“Today, Naga society must work towards unity… must work and elevate leaders who will work to make the younger generation tomorrow ready”, he said.
Meanwhile, acknowledging the people of Khonoma for their contribution to the journey of Nagaland. He said that Khonoma village has given its best sons and daughters to the Naga people in all walks of life, be it in the aspiration of Nagas to achieve permanent and lasting peace in an honorable manner, be it in the journey of Naga people or post statehood or in public and social life or in the movement of Nagas aspiration for development in all sectors.
Maintaining that Khonoma village is a legendary village and already one of the most favoured tourist destinations, Metha suggested exploring more potential.
He asserted that the Government, along with the Tourism Department, will work out to add value to the tourism experience of Khonoma and also to include Thekranyi in the State’s official tourism calendar.
Meanwhile, Metha suggested setting up a Khonoma Green Fund to improve the economy and also to manage various aspects of the environment and biodiversity.
Extending greetings on the occasion as the host of the festival, Minister for Horticulture & Women Resources, Salhoutuonuo Kruse sais during Thekranyi the young and the age groups come together in merrymaking and enjoy the feast using their earnings from agricultural labor.
In Khonoma, she said all agriculture activities commences only after the Thekranyi. She said that on the occasion the different age groups go to their foster parents’ homes for feasting before they start cultivating the paddy fields.
Advisor for Youth Resources and Sports, Keoshu Yimchunger also extended greetings on the occasion and congratulated the village for bringing up the first woman in the history of Nagaland as a Minister.
The programme was chaired by L Kenneth Punyü while Vipiehu Chücha & Megorüzo Chase and DDG Pfüko enthralled the gathering with folk songs. Khonoma village Council Chairman Ngusa Ratsa delivered the welcome address while Chairman of Task Force for Music and Arts Theja Meru tendered the vote of thanks.
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