Sunday, December 3, 2023

Khonoma Basa link road inaugurated

Nagaland News

KOHIMA, APRIL 26: An inauguration programme of the Khonoma Basa link road between “Terho Tsiese” and “NEC Road, Dzulekie (Kitsuju) was held at Link Road Junction (Kitsuju) on April 26.
Speaking at the occasion, Rovilatuo Mor (IAS), Commissioner, Nagaland, expressed his wish for the offshoot village- Khonoma Basa to be a strong pillar of support for Khonoma Village. He also urged the younger generation to open up to new ideas and ventures along with the ever-changing society that will ultimately lead to the expansion of the settlement instead of staying stagnant in the old village.
Chairman Khonoma Basa, Megosesie in his welcome address thanked the Khonoma Village Council for allowing Khonoma Basa to be recognized as a new settlement in 2018.
He maintained that the Khonoma Link Road came into existence with support from Kovi Meyase, Additional Secretary, Labour & Employment, along with free donations of land from the owners along the stretch of the road. There were also free will contributions from several individuals and different organizations, he added.
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