Khikha-Rüleizou colony organizations seize & destroy liquor


Kohima, March 3: The Khikha-Rüleizou Youth Organisation (KRYO) and Women Organization (KRWO) on Monday destroyed seized liquor, below Industries Office, Kohima.
KRYO president Apele Suokhrie said that seized liquor worth Rs 3.50 lakh was destroyed by the two bodies in presence of residents of the colony and students of Kohima Bible College.
He said that in view of the unchecked and rampant sales of IMFL and local brews through ghumtis (pan shops) and residences in Khikha-Rüleizou Colony, Kohima a joint operation was carried out by the two bodies of the colony for 2 consecutive nights and seized a huge quantity of IMFL in around 13 shops and residences.
He said the illegal liquor business has been going on openly for the last few years, however, the State Government and the Excise Department has failed miserably to check it.
Open sale of IMFL in the colony has attracted many negative elements and criminal activities have increased alarmingly disturbing the peaceful environment in the colony beyond tolerance, he said.
Therefore, he said, having a sense of helplessness at the totally inefficient machinery of the State government the youth and the women body of the colony was compelled to take action against the illegal sales of IMFL and local brews in order to get rid of the evil menace prevalent in the colony.
Despite giving prior information and warning through a notification banning sale of liquor within the colony from February 22 last, no cooperation was extended, hence, seizure was carried out and they were also fined, he added.
Advisor, Rhüdezou Lhisepfüko Krotho, Sosino Kesiezie said that the colony bodies initially made a humble approach requesting all those engaged in the illegal business to discontinue but since they failed to comply, force had to used.
During the destructions carried out today, they poured the IMFL bottles, breezer and cane beer into the drainage and flushed with water.
The two bodies while affirming to continue such checking cautioned that stern action would be initiated against the defaulters.
(Page News Service)