Khango group to resume talks with India

Khango group to resume talks with India

Dimapur, November 12: The NSCN/GPRN led by Khango Konyak has said it is prepared to resume the abrogated ceasefire and pursue the Naga political issue with the Government of India.
In a statement, the MIP, GPRN informed that GoI, through the NGBF and NMA, had conveyed that the India is more than happy to have NSCN return to peace since it was the NSCN who unilaterally walked out of ceasefire, and that GoI still uphold the cease fire agreement that was signed between the NSCN and GoI in 2001.
“Accordingly the NSCN in response to the appeal of the GOI, the State government and the Naga people is prepared to resume the abrogated ceasefire and pursue the Naga political issue with the GOI,” it said.
The statement, however, alleged that certain section of the Nagas “either out of ignorance or vested interest” had misinterpreted the ongoing peace initiative between the NSCN and GoI being mediated by various Naga frontal organizations including the NMA and NGBF.
“It is extremely biased and detrimental to peace that certain individual leaders and groups have been found to be trying to legitimize the illegal and unconstitutional impeachment attempt plotted by 36 Pangmi workers. Moreover, attempting to give recognition to NCA group and undermine the legitimate NSCN/GPRN led by Khango Konyak would be very dangerous and damaging to the Naga political issue,” it stated.
The Khango group said, “It is not the GOI but the Nagas ourselves who are responsible for creating more confusions and divisions within the Naga political groups.” It warned that any unwanted fallout would solely be borne by vested Naga leaders who, it alleged, have been trying to impose their twisted interests and obstruct the peace efforts between the GoI and NSCN.
“Rather than strengthening the peace efforts, some vested sections are desperately trying to muddy the waters and fish in the troubled water, the filthy role of some prominent NGO’s leaders are already in the fore, they shall be exposed and held responsible should any untoward situation occur,” it warned.
The Khango group asked Nagas to clearly understand that Yonghong (Yung Aung) led Pangmi sect has already forfeited Naga’s aspirations and rights by signing the NCA and agreeing to accept Myanmar Union.
“Similarly the presence of two Lt. Generals, both from West Nagaland, Niki Sumi and Nymlang Konyak with less than 20 cadres altogether in the NCA group cannot be a threat to the entire Naga’s yearning for peace and permanent solution,” it said.
It warned that any individual, group or organization found to be espousing the NCA group’s cause in West Nagaland shall be prosecuted as criminals, anti-peace and anti-Naga, as they no longer have the credibility or legitimacy to talk about the Naga issue since they have already accepted Myanmar citizenship on their own accord.
The Khango groups cautioned the business communities, government departments and common Naga public in general to remain vigilant of the NCA group and immediately stop paying any taxes or succumb to “their desperate empty threat and intimidation”.
“Using Niki Sumi and Nymlang, the NCA masterminds are hell bent to continue taxing the west Nagas in order to keep-up their luxurious lifestyles in Myanmar,” it alleged.
The NSCN/GPRN should not be blamed in the event of any Naga found conniving with NCA group and consequently apprehended by NIA and other security agencies, it said.
The NSCN/GPRN also expressed gratitude to NGBF, NMA, ENPO, Yimchunger tribal leaders, Khiamniungan tribal leaders, Chang tribal leaders, Sangtam tribal leaders, Konyak Union, Sumi Hoho, Naga Hoho, NSF etc for their enthusiasm for peace and unflinching support and solidarity to NSCN/GPRN. (Page News Service)