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KG Kenye underscores better understanding & unity among Nagas


CYF holds 14th biennial general conference

KOHIMA, DECEMBER 12: The 14th biennial general conference of Chakhesang Youth Front (CYF) was held today on the theme “Rising Above Challenges” at Pholami village, Phek district, hosted by Pholami Youth Organization.
Addressing the gathering as special guest, Minister for Power and Parliamentary Affairs, KG Kenye, while expressing that over the years, despite the unresolved Naga Political Issue, there is semblance of peace in Nagaland.
The negotiations are ongoing between the Government of India and the Naga Political groups, he said while stressing on the need for Naga to have better understanding and unity in event of any outcome.
Expressing fear if ceasefire is abrogated with the prolonging talks, he questioned as to how prepared is Naga society to face it. In this, he said that it is not the responsibility of people or villages but it is upon the Naga leaders to analyse and make the general public be prepared for any eventuality.
He viewed that the Naga people want to integrate the people and the land but in contradiction on the ground there are divisions and other aspirations including the ENPO demand.
In this regard, he stated that the public also need to make a stand of its own.
Nagaland is a State, which even after 60 years, there are a lot of challenges and yet need to rise above challenges with resilience, he said.
Minister Kenye also exhorted the youth to stand firm on the ground based on what principle the CYF was formed to safeguard the people.
He viewed that the Chakhesang community despite the struggle over the past is catching up with the rest of the society and thriving and asserted the need to forge an alliance and have better understanding.
He also dwelt on how Chakhesang tribe was previously known as Eastern Angami and was separated, stating that the recognition of the tribe was not out of misunderstanding but the elders have meticulously deliberated and in 1946 separated Chakhesang as a tribe. In this, he stressed the need to uphold brotherhood between the Angami and the Chakhesang tribe and beyond other communities of the Nagas.
Maintaining that Nagas as a tribal society cannot completely get rid of tribalism, he stressed on the need for a healthy competition to progress.
The Minister also released the amended constitution of CYF.
CYF president Vezhodüyi Nakro delivered the presidential address while greetings were shared by Chakhesang Public Organization (CPO) Vezühü Keyho and Angami Youth Organization president Kesosul Christopher Ltu.
Declaration and installation of new CYF executive for the tenure 2024-26 was done by Convenor nomination committee Dr Zokho Venuh while act of blessing was pronounced by Rev Dr Chekrovei Cho-o, Executive Secretary CBCC.
The occasion was also marked by handing over of the CYF Best Performing Biodiversity Award was awarded to Kutsapo Village and CYF Best Piggery Farmer Award to Lhiwetso Wezah from Zapami, Vecusuyi Chuzho from Rihuba village, Thupupra Medeo from Khusomi village, Pudusayi Dasai from Porba village and Thupuve Vero from Phek Village.
Chaired by CYF vice president Nyutso Therie the programme commenced with prayer by Pastor of Pholami Baptist Church, Vezokho Vezhü. Special number by Dzüzühve Swüro & folk tune by Ura Dzüvekro enthralled the gathering while CYF treasurer Sevonyi Keyho tendered the vote of thanks and Associate Pastor (women) PBC Vepozolü Kezo offered benediction.
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