Kepelhousie Terhüja elected APO president


The Angami Public Organisation (APO) has elected Dr Kepelhousie Terhüja as new president. He was elected during the annual general meeting of APO at its conference hall here. In his acceptance speech he vowed to uphold the values of purest democracy, freedom and liberty of the organisation and safeguard the interest and welfare of the people. Speaking at the general body meeting, outgoing president, Dr. Vilhusa Seleyi said the organisations must continue to work cohesively in one voice with all its affiliated units and other tribal organisations. He asked Angamis to continue to uphold and maintain the integrity and values of the organisation. He also appreciated the support and cooperation of all its affiliated units and all tribal organisations extended to APO through good and bad times as well, and maintained that APO must strive to work not only for the Angamis but for the people of the state. APO Advisor, Keneingunyü Sekhose, in his exhortation, said lack of dignity of labour among the younger generation and urged the parents and elders on the need to teach the youngsters the value of ‘work and earning’ through one’s own sweat and labour. Sekhose also expressed concern that westernisation has diluted the Nagas way of life as many have opted to converse in English within family and friends and steadily losing the importance of speaking in one’s own mother tongue. He advised the parents and elders to teach the young to respect and value one’s dialect to keep our identity intact. The new team of APO are Dr. Kepelhousie Terhüja as president; Kevilezo Savi and K.T. Vilie Theünuo as vice presidents, Neisakholie Ziephrü – general secretary and Vilieo Rutsa – treasurer besides others. The programme commenced with Rev. Dr. Rachülie Vihienuo, pastor Union Baptist Church, Kohima invoking god’s blessings which concluded with vote of thanks proposed by K.T. Vilie Theünuo, vice president APO. Induction of the new APO office bearers for 2018-2020 was also held during the annual Meeting. While all the four units SAPO, WAPO, NAPO, CPO, the Village Council Chairmen and their executive members, VDB Secretaries and GBs of the entire Angami village attended the meeting.