Sunday, July 25, 2021
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Kenye urges GoI, Naga negotiators to be reasonable


Kohima, October 19: Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha), K G Kenye Saturday urged Government of India and Naga negotiators to exert maximum restraint and also reason wisely in dealing with the decades old Naga political issue.
Expressing fear over the adamant stand of the negotiating parties in the more than 22-years of dialogue between the Government of India and Naga negotiators, Kenye said “whatever be the reason for the contentious issue in the Naga peace talks, it would not be worth another war”.
Speaking at a function here, Kenye said peace has been elusive for almost a century for the Naga people, and currently there are significant turns in the ongoing peace process.
“It is the general public who will suffer and bear the greatest casualty if anything breaks at this moment,” he said.
He said Naga public have done our part in the peace process and stood by the negotiators yearning for peace and early solution.
Discontentment has been cropping among the Nagas as the Government of India and the Naga negotiators had never divulged the contents of the issues discussed so far. However, Nagas have been giving a blank cheque to the negotiators with hope of an early solution which will fulfill the desires of the people, he said.
In this, he also appealed to all the negotiating parties to take into consideration the yearning of Naga public.
Stating that nobody can stop Naga aspiration, Kenye said “everything cannot be achieved in one go but it has to be continuous process to achieve the ultimate goal.”
The MP appealed to the GoI to exert maximum restraint in dealing with Naga political issue while also urging the Naga negotiators to have better reasoning in their approach to achieve greater heights. (Page News Service)