Friday, March 24, 2023

Keneizhakho inaugurates Khonoma-Jotsoma friendship monolith

MLA Keneizhakho Nakhro, clansmen of Merhü and Tholo at the inauguration of the friendship monolith at Jotsoma on February 23

DIMAPUR, FEBRUARY 23: A monolith to commemorate the friendship between the Tholo clan, Jotsoma and the Merhü clan, Khonoma was inaugurated by MLA Keneizhakho Nakhro at Tholoma Tsiepfhe, Jotsoma on February 23.

Tholo clan in Jotsoma village consists of Nakhro, Nagi and Peseyie, and Merhü clan of Khonoma village consists of Lievüse, Gwizan and Meyase.
Keneizhakho said that there was history of hostility between the two clans but as situation changed and due to necessity, friendly relations developed between the two. He added that there is need for more co-operation and stronger bond for progress and prosperity.
Sievi Iralu, an elder from Merhü clan, shared about the history between the two clans and called upon the younger generation to build and strengthen the relationship further.
Rügolie Nakhro said that the friendship between the two clans shows that it is possible to attain peace and reconciliation even if they may have a hostile past.
Megorzo Chase expressed hope that the friendship monolith will further cement and foster stronger ties between the two clans in generations to come.
(Page News Service)