Sunday, June 16, 2024

Kekhriesilie Rio wins FEI world show jumping challenge

jumping challenge

Dimapur, January 9: The FEI world show jumping challenge is held around the world every year, where the competition is divided into three categories, Category A, Category B and Category C.
The competition takes place across three days. The winner is adjudged at the end of the third day on the basis of least penalty and fastest time. In the recently held FEI world show jumping challenge Kekhriesilie Rio, has emerged as the winner of the Category A (130cm) in India and the Asian zone.
With the cumulative score all round the world released, Kekhriesilie Rio has been ranked 2nd in the world by the Federation international equestrian, making him the first ever Indian to achieve the highest rank till present day by any Indian. (Page News Service)