Saturday, February 27, 2021

Keep it short: Naidu to ‘over-knowledgeable’ ministers

New Delhi, June 24: Keep it to the point while answering questions — this was Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu’s advice on Monday to ministers who are “over-knowledgeable”.
Naidu’s remarks came during Zero Hour when he asked MPs and ministers to be brief while asking and answering questions.
The Chairman said MPs should be brief while asking questions and there was no need to make a speech and depriving other members of their time.
“We should be able to take up the number of questions we have agreed upon. I have no intention of rushing through…a number of ministers are over-knowledgeable and tend to answer even those points which are not sought. Respond to the point,” he said.
He said one should go by procedure, rules and regulations and otherwise, the House was not sending a positive message.
Naidu also suggested to MPs that they should discuss the water crisis in the country on a priority basis. “All issues are important but my suggestion is that you give a notice on water issue and I am ready to admit it,” he said.
He also instructed the government to ensure that MPs receive responses to their submissions in Zero Hour and through Special Mentions within 30 days of raising the issue.
“I have received feedback that MPs are not getting responses from ministers…The practice is that ministers should respond in writing…You don’t need to give instant reply. That may not be possible,” he said.
Naidu said they will have to think of alternative if his direction is not adhered to.