Friday, May 7, 2021
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KDCC differs with NGRC-1CU on SOR


Dimapur, December 3: The Kohima District Congress Committee (KDCC) has reacted to the appeal made by the Nagaland Government Registered Class-1 Contractors Union (NGRC-1CU) to the State Government to issue a directive to disqualify any contractor who quotes below the Schedule of Rates (SOR) during the tender process.
In a press release, the KDCC said as a concerned political party considering the welfare of the upcoming young Nagas venturing into contract and entrepreneurship, it has been fighting against the State Government departments notifying that tenders quoted below the SOR will not be acceptable.
This has led to the recent cancellation of e-Procurement Notice Invitation for Bids (IFB) issued by Urban Development Department, it said.
Stating that it regards members of NGRC-1CU as seasoned and high level contractors in the State, who are capable of filing tenders much beyond the SOR, the KDCC, however, opined that they should also consider the apathy of young contractors and others who are willing to give service below the SOR, which will ultimately save public fund meant for developmental works.
Affirming its stand to continue taking the issue and leave no stone unturned even if any such measures are adopted by any Government departments, the KDCC appealed to the NGRC-1CU to reconsider their though on the issue so that the future of young Naga entrepreneurs are not bleak. (Page News Service)