Sunday, April 18, 2021

KDCC accuses Home Dept of flouting tender system

Dimapur, February 22: The Kohima District Congress Committee (KDCC) has accused the State Home Department of flouting all laid down norms of tender system in finalizing tenderer(s) for supply of 33 items of clothing and equipments for Nagaland Armed Police, Nagaland Police and IRB for the year 2017-18.
Citing RTI revelation by the Home Department, the KDCC said a letter signed by Under Secretary of Home Department addressed to the Director General of Police, Nagaland revealed that the State Purchase Board had approved different tenderers for the supply of same materials on percentage basis.
“It is more interesting to observe the approval of tenderer as the department has floated all laid down norms of tender system by clubbing together the different bidders to that of the most qualified bidder,” claimed Kevi Vizo, President, KDCC in a press release.
Taking the instance of tender for long boots out of the 33 items for supply which was tendered, the KDCC claimed that among the several tenderers the bidder with Rs 1075 was declared qualified. However, the tender was not only sanctioned against the single bidder but other bidders including the highest tenderer with Rs 1425 and lowest
Rs 950 were also approved to supply the boots but at the approved rate.
“Similar process has been followed while granting supply order for other 32 items,” it claimed.
Another flaw, the KDCC said, was approving tenderers who had failed to separately mention the CGST and SGST rates beyond the normal rate of the item.
Stating that it expects the Police Department to be the most disciplined force as they not only engage in maintenance of law and order but also investigate corrupt practices, the KDCC lamented that such revelations have casted aspersions into the hidden anomalies within the department.
It also questioned the authority of the Purchase Board in thrashing the norms to approve the tenderers, saying in open tender the qualified bidder should only be getting the supply order.
“KDCC is of the view if such actions only speaks volumes of the ruling government motto “Facto non verba” (Deeds not words) and also their slogan “Change is coming” because it was within couple of months of the NDPP-led PDA government taking over reign that the Home Department has indulged in changing the norms and laws,” it stated.
The KDCC also demanded that the Government of the day initiates proper action against the approving authority of the tender process involving crores of rupees. (Page News Service)