Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Katy Perry, Camila Cabello, Reese Witherspoon ask fans to support India

Katy Perry Camila Cabello

Singers Katy Perry and Camila Cabello have asked their fans to make donations towards India’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The singers are the latest international celebrities to make an appeal on their social media.

Katy shared an infographic on the resources that Indians need to effectively fight the pandemic. “You may have heard about the devastation the pandemic is having in India right now: Each day a new world record is set for the number of COVID cases (386,453 JUST TODAY according to @NPR) with the peak still to come. Hospitals have stopped admitting patients because they are running low on vital supplies and equipment, including oxygen, leaving people to watch loved ones die on stretchers outside the hospital doors. My friends at the @thebritishasiantrust are trying to help by getting as many oxygen concentrators to hospitals as quickly as possible. If you’d like to help, please consider donating at the link in my bio,” she posted on Instagram.
Camilla also shared a video on Instagram, in which she made an appeal to her fans to make the donations. She added that she loved India and its culture, and encouraged everyone to give what they can to help. “India is facing a devastating second wave of COVID infections and needs resources and support to help save lives. If you can, please help @jayshetty and @radhidevlukia raise $1M for @give_india and their generous sponsor @indiaspora will match it! Every dollar will be doubled so we can try our best to make a difference! Click the link on this post to donate now”, she wrote on Instagram.
Actor Reese Witherspoon amplified Priyanka Chopra’s call to raise funds for India. “What is happening in India is an urgent situation”, Reese wrote, sharing Priyanka’s video appeal on her Instagram Stories.

Previously singer Shawn Mendes, talk show hosts Ellen Degeneres and Lilly Singh, actors Kunal Nayyar and Mindy Kaling also asked their fans to support the country. (Courtesy: HT)