Friday, December 8, 2023

KAST celebrates golden anniversary

Nagaland News

Dimapur, April 23: The Kohima Aliba Senso Telongjem (KAST) observed its golden jubilee on the theme ‘Sobaliba Arongtsüngshi’ (Cultural Renaissance) at NPWD rest house, Kohima on April 23.
Dwelling on the theme, Talitsüngba Ao, who was the main speaker, said that mother tongue is a part of culture and “internationally implemented right” passed by the United Nation giving the right to speak one’s own mother tongue in one’s country or place except for some legal, medical, scientific terms, etc.
Stressing on the changes that are taking place, he said a lot of cultural practices and beliefs of the past have been changed since Nagas adopted Christianity and also due to positive laws being passed by the government.
He said that today many of Nagas are confused with customary laws because they are not aware of the special laws that protect the customary law but follow the different laws passed by the government for others which clash with Naga customary laws.
Talitsüngba also stated that with more development, Naga culture is dying, since more laws are being implemented.
Therefore he stressed that the laws of State implemented should be culture-based and tribal rights protected from other laws.
Since Nagaland has many tribes, he said that the customary laws and practices should be protected and acknowledged by the Government.
Former Director of Agriculture, I Panger Imchen, who also spoke on the occasion, said that Aliba village is a rich and prosperous land that has produced many outstanding personalities in the field of education, different professions, NBSE toppers, etc.
He described the people of the village as hardworking and responsible. He also congratulated the KAST for attaining its 50 years.
Words of appreciation were also delivered by Aliba Village Council Chairman, Imlinungba Jamir; President Chungtia Union Kohima, I Moa Longchar, and Kinunger Union Kohima, Imkongsanen.
The KAST golden jubilee souvenir booklet was released by Talitsüngba Ao during the function. (Page News Service)