Saturday, September 30, 2023

Kashmir opening up to world of cinema: Durrani

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Actor Zain Khan Durrani on Monday said Kashmir is opening up to the world of cinema as a lot of production houses are coming up which not only provide job opportunities to the locals, but develop work culture.
Durrani, who was in Srinagar to promote his spy thriller series “Mukhbir – The Story of a Spy”, also said Kashmiri filmmakers have to bring about a change if they want the country to see the stories from the Valley with a new perspective.
“Kashmir is now opening up to films. Many people are into production now. A lot of production houses have come up, people are working in them. It not only provides job opportunities, but also develops work culture. People from outside come and work here, we get to learn from them. It leads to change in the work culture,” he said.
The actor, a Kashmiri himself, said while it would take time for the cinema to evolve in the region, “if we want to narrate or showcase our own stories, we have to open production houses, nurture local talent like they do in the south”. (PTI)