Thursday, August 5, 2021
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Kashmir like situation at Sihai Khunou: NSCN (IM)

  • Says heavy deployment of weapons including artillery
  • NSCN cannot vacate without offer of alternative location

Dimapur, April 30: The NSCN (IM) has alleged that a Kashmir like situation is being created at Sihai Khunou village by the Indian Security Forces with three helicopters along with drone keeping surveillance over its camp and heavy deployment of latest weapons including artillery openly displayed in the local ground.
“We cannot help pointing out that Ukhrul District is not Kashmir, though Kashmir like situation has been created,” the NSCN said in a press release issued through its MIP.
“Three helicopters along with drone are keeping surveillance over the camp. There is heavy deployment of latest weapons including artillery and these are openly displayed in the local ground. More than that, all sorts of weapons are also stationed right in the heart of the village. This is done purposely to generate panic and fear among the villagers,” it alleged.
Reminding that the NSCN is not a terrorist organization that warranted such a heavy deployment of weapons, the release alleged that around 30 Paramilitary Commandos “armed to the teeth” were also transported by three helicopters on Monday. It claimed that the village local ground has been occupied, displaying all the weapons to create fear psychosis among the villagers.
The NSCN (IM) also termed as extremely unfortunate that after more than 21 years of fruitful political negotiations between the Government of India and NSCN and on the threshold of signing the final agreement, a war like situation has been created at Sihai Khunuo in Ukhrul district.
“This is not the right time for the Indian security forces to display such hostility that will lead to brinkmanship. Such an absurdity is against the spirit of Ceasefire Ground Rules,” it said.
The NSCN stated that both the Government of India and the NSCN had recognized the need to maintain mutual trust, understanding and respect during every Ceasefire Ground Rule review meeting held occasionally between the two entities. It reminded that during the last Ceasefire Ground Rule Review Committee meeting held at Chumukedima on June 8, 2018, the Government of India team led by Rina Mitra, Special Secretary (IS) and NSCN team led by Lt. Gen. (Retd.) VS Atem, both the parties agreed to take all possible measures to improve the ground situation considering the importance of the progress of the ongoing Indo-Naga political negotiation and respecting the historic 3rd August, 2015 Framework Agreement signed between the Government of India and NSCN.
“In keeping with such spirit, NSCN has maintained the stand to uphold the hard earned progress of the Indo-Naga political negotiation.”
However, the release alleged that the Assam Rifles look down upon NSCN as its bête noire and keep on alienating them without following any ethical rules connected with the spirit of Ceasefire Ground Rule.
“Even if there is misunderstanding that may have come up because of different interpretation of Ceasefire Ground Rules there is mechanism to follow to redress any ceasefire ground rule violation. CFMG should have been informed instead of going headlong to create war-like situation and resorted to psychological warfare by using local villagers as human shield. For the hill area this is the time for cultivation. But when the village has been place under captivity like control all farming activities has been thrown out of order. When humane approach is set aside it only play devil to human rights,” it stated.
Recalling that having designated camps at Ukhrul District is not a new thing, the NSCN said Khangkhui-Shirui forest area designated camp which was allotted in 2007 by the then Chairman of CFMG Gen. Kulkarni was vacated in 2009. In 2010 mutual understanding was made with Maj. Gen. Gurung in respect of the noted camps at Chatric and Grihang. It existed for nearly ten years.
“Recently Chatric camp was also vacated saying there is no authorized designated camp. Now, Sihai Khunuo camp is targeted. This camp, though it may be short of having the tag ‘designated camp’ have never come into the picture for creating law and order problem in the area. Even the nearby villages would swear for it,” it claimed.
Informing that in the CFMG official meeting on March 1, 2019, Col. Joshi GS of IGAR stated that there is no designated camp in Ukhrul District, the NSCN said such a misplaced interpretation of ceasefire ground rules at the whims of any officer is a clear violation of ceasefire ground rules itself. “It also made a damnation of the very purpose of signing Indo-Naga Ceasefire in 1997 to pave the way for creating conducive atmosphere for political negotiation.”
Alleging that the Sihai Khunou situation created by Assam Rifles B. Range (10 Sector, Brigade) is something uncalled for, it said the Assam Rifles should not have gone too censorious of NSCN without following proper channel of addressing any misunderstanding.
However, under the given situation that is turning acrimonious, the NSCN said it is better for CFMG chairman to exercise sanity to designate any suitable place for the NSCN cadres to shift and put an end to the war-like situation. It stated that the NSCN cadres simply cannot be made to vacate without offering them an alternative location.
“In the prevailing ceasefire period where much has been achieved during the 21 years of political negotiations, it is very unbecoming of the Assam Rifles to keep on chasing the NSCN cadres. There is much to celebrate for the Assam Rifles once the permanent peace is established after the final political settlement is signed. So the question is why always rub the NSCN on the wrong side,” it added. (Page News Service)