Sunday, May 9, 2021
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Kaito calls Agri Deptt to tap & implement various programmes of GoI


Dimapur, July 25: Minister for Agriculture & Cooperation, G. Kaito Aye today said that Government of India is focusing mainly on agriculture sector so that the department should tap and implement the different programmes, schemes and utilize it efficiently.
Speaking at the review meeting at Directorate of Agriculture today, Kaito said the department itself is for the people of the state and that the benefit should reach the entire people of Nagaland.
Kaito assured that privileges will not be denied to anyone and said he would be visiting all the districts and sub divisions, interact with the villages and address their grievances.
He also urged the districts and sub divisions to highlight their actual activities and achievements. Women participation cannot be denied and therefore SHGs should be promoted and encouraged to a higher level, he added.
The Minister also urged all the employees to discipline themselves so that the system should not be disturbed by the loopholes in coordinating amongst the department.
Since all the facilities are being provided by the government one should realize their duties and responsibilities assigned to them and rededicate actively to their works, he said and encouraged the officers and field staffs to be farmer friendly and get acquainted with the environment and grievances, if any should be sort out promptly.
The targets of the department should be translated into reality and not only by highlighting in papers and presentations and appealed the department to speed up the system and do the work timely since most of the schemes and projects are time bound, the Minister said.
Facts should reflect in the Annual Administrative Report, he stated, and advised the department to be transparent and flexible. He also assured that Agri and allied department will have a joint meeting shortly to promote all the line department and create a better atmosphere.
APC & Principal Secretary, Agriculture, N. Hushili Sema, IAS in her short speech shared that ‘If farmer prosper then people will prosper’. She apprised the officers to cooperate and dedicate to their duties. Bonding has to be strong among the employees for better functioning of the department. She also urged the department to be transparent in all the works and pursue the target at the right time so that better results can be harvested.
She challenged the department to intervene and attract the youths by changing their mind set to create more self employment by motivating them in Agri sector as well as other avenues.
She also advised the department to facilitate more Gender friendly equipment to encourage both men and women for generating self employment
Additional Director, Agriculture, C. Peter Yanthan gave a detail power point presentation on the achievement and structure of the department. He mentioned that, Agriculture is the mainstay of the state’s economy. More than 80% of the population is rural based and its economy depends on agriculture in all its form. Traditionally, all the tribes practice shifting cultivation.
He said, the vision of the department is “A feasible Agriculture in Nagaland and economically viable by 2025” and the goals of the department is to improve crop production and productivity through effective transfer and adoption of appropriate technologies, improve farm income and quality of life by empowering farming community, to change Nagaland agriculture to a lucrative enterprise and generate more employment, to achieve Food for all and food security by 2025, Promotion of food processing units.
He also stressed on the strategies taken by the department like, improve in Jhum farming to increase fallow period for ecological balance, promote Organic farming on crop zone basis, Encouraging Indigenous practices for sustainability, integrated farming system.
Later he highlighted all the list of centrally sponsored schemes (CSS). (Page News Service)