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KAATC: KSA Reacts To NSCN (IM)'s Statement - Nagaland Page
Saturday, July 24, 2021
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KAATC: KSA reacts to NSCN (IM)’s statement

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‘We don’t count Rengmas as immigrants’
DIMAPUR, JUNE 21: The Karbi Students’ Association (KSA) has stated that it regards the Rengmas, Dimasas, Kukis, Garos, Khasis, and all Scheduled Tribes or indigenous inhabitants living in Karbi Anglong as their own.
“We don’t count them as ‘immigrants’: but they are the indigenous inhabitants of Karbi Anglong and they have equal rights like Karbis”, it said while making it clear that the Karbi Peace Accord is for all indigenous people.

The KSA was reacting to opposition from the NSCN (IM) over the proposed move of the Government to create Karbi Anglong Autonomous Territorial Council (KAATC).
The NSCN (IM) had, in a statement, slammed the Central and Assam Governments for proposing to create KAAC by depriving the Rengma Nagas, the “legitimate owners” of the land. It had said no authority should go far enough to override the interests of the Rengma Nagas “who are the legitimate owners of the land under the questionable proposition”.
“Regarding the statement on Mikir Hills, Rengma Hills or the ‘sons of the soil’, the KSA would like to say that we regard the Rengmas, Dimasas, Kukis, Garos, Khasis, and all scheduled tribes or indigenous inhabitants living in Karbi Anglong as our own”, it said.
The KSA also appealed to the leadership of NSCN (IM) to look after non-Nagas indigenous tribal communities living in Nagaland by ensuring that equal political rights and privileges are provided as enjoyed by other major Naga tribesmen so that nobody feels alienated.
“The majority of Rengmas live in Nagaland so declaring Tseminyu as the new district of Nagaland would be a step towards honoring our Rengma brother’s legitimate right. As far as our Rengma brothers in Karbi Anglong are concerned they are our brothers, and our brotherhood stands through the test of times. We will ensure that no foreign hand could misguide them and destabilize the peaceful co-existence between us. We will honour all indigenous tribesmen of Karbi Anglong once Karbi Anglong statehood is achieved”, it stated.
On the question of “reading history books” as suggested by the NSCN (IM) in its statement, the KSA countered if the NSCN have read the books that they had compiled thoroughly and correctly.
“And to the question of reading history books are concerned, our history is very clear and can withstand any rigorous scrutiny. The sources you compiled are some of the finest sources, but have you read them thoroughly and correctly? We would like to request the NSCN (IM) leader in charge of this documentation part to reread the entire books again before we show you where you’ve faltered in your reading of history. Looking at the response, one can draw a sharp conclusion that the person compiling the reports has minuscule knowledge about the history of the Karbis”, it said.
Appealing to the NSCN (IM) or compiler of the documentations to at least do an honest research before putting it out in the public domain “with such substandard research pieces of writings”, the KSA said it expect more credible information about Karbis from an organization like NSCN (IM).

“We want to remind this pseudo-historian in the NSCN (IM) that ranting is not history. And since you don’t know about our history all allegations you made against us are, therefore, baseless and unfounded”, the KSA said while also providing excerpts of “British account of the travels of the Rengmas”.
“…when you quote the source kindly quote them accurately. Misrepresentation of facts will ultimately lead your organization to loss of credibility.
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