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JYO to stop water supply from Dzüna and Kelorü streams to Kohima

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Dimapur, January 29: The Jotsoma Youth Organization (JYO) has informed the general public of Kohima that taping of water from Dzüna and Kelorü streams would be stopped, which would result in scarcity of water in Kohima town. The JYO said it has been compelled to take this drastic action due to failure of the State Government to fulfill its commitments for the last 45 years.

The JYO appealed to the public not to hold the JYO responsible for the difficulties that may be faced by the public of Kohima and the surrounding villages in the near future.
In a press release, Rokovizo Senotsu, President, JYO and Medoleto Seüno, Press Secretary, JYO stated that while taping water from Dzüna and Kelorü streams, the two lifeline of Jotsoma village, the State Government made certain commitments through an Agreement dated 15/12/1976. Inter alia, clause iii of the Agreement states, “To convert the existing Government M.E. School to a Government M.E. cum High School. And also for future expansion, to build additional school building, full sized playground, staff quarters and hostels etc.”
Further, Government assured that villagers shall be appointed to suitable Gr. IV staff. Accordingly, about 18 persons from the village were appointed. Over the years all these persons retired, regrettably no one from the village was appointed against the retirement vacancies, the JYO stated.
The JYO said the Jotsoma Village Council and other organizations including JYO had repeatedly send representations to the Government to fulfill Clause-iii of the Agreement and for further augmentation of the existing infrastructure of the school, but not a single class room was added to the existing infrastructure which were built in 1968 while the school was still a M E School which is now upgraded to Higher Secondary level having Arts and Commerce streams.
The Organization said having seen the requirement of the school and in the larger interest of the students of Government Higher Secondary School, Jotsoma, the JYO once again vide its letter dated 06/02/2019 requested the government to take immediate action to fulfill the commitments. However, the Department did not take any seriousness to the genuine demands of JYO for more than a year.
It stated that on March 19, 2020 a meeting was held with the Chief Secretary, Principal Secretary, School Education, Principal Secretary, PHD in the presence of MLA 8th W/A Constituency, where the Principal
Secretary, School Education assured that the department will find ways and means to improve the infrastructure of the school at the earliest. The meeting further agreed to appoint the 18 Grade IV staff, to look after the water supply to Kohima. It also agreed that the appointed Gd-IV staff may be deployed in and around Kohima as and when the need arises. The meeting concluded with the decision to review action taken after every three months, the JYO stated.

“In spite of the decision being taken at the highest level with the Chief Secretary himself assuring the JYO that the long pending commitments shall be fulfilled, no action has been taken either by the School Education Department to even go for the joint verification as decided in the meeting or the PHED in appointing the 18 Gr. IV staff. The non action of the Government compelled the JYO to issue an ultimatum dated 18/12/2020 calling upon the Government to fulfill the decision taken in the joint meeting held on 19/3/2020 on or before 31st January, 2021 failing which the JYO shall stop the taping of water from the two streams for water supply to Kohima,” the JYO stated in the press release.
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