JVC demands clarification from ANCSU president

JVC demands clarification from ANCSU president

Dimapur, August 15: The Jotsoma Village Council has expressed shock at what it alleged is the “threatening statement” made by Katho P Awomi, President, All Nagaland College Student’s Union (ANCSU) in a meeting with the Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister, Chief Secretary and other officials of the State on August 14 “to dismantle the DD Kendra, PHED Water Reservoir and the RCEMPA Music Academy Hall and to shift the Kohima Science College out of Jotsoma Village Jurisdiction, if these buildings could not be dismantled.”
In a press release, the JVC noted that the same person had issued a statement that carried in local media on April 24, 2018 to vandalize the three buildings.
The JVC said it cannot understand why the president of ANCSU is targeting Kohima Science College, Jotsoma or to shift the college out of Jotsoma Village jurisdiction when land encroachment exists in all Government colleges of the State.
Stating that the Council takes the statement of Katho P Awomi as not only an insult and a direct challenge to the village but also an insult to the Chief Minister and other officials present in the meeting, the JVC directed him to clarify on what basis and with what authority he made the statement to the Chief Minister, Nagaland within three days from today, failing which the council shall not be held responsible for any untoward incident arising from the issue. (Page News Service)