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Joint oil exploration deal: “Treachery of the highest order”: WC NNPGs

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DIMAPUR, APRIL 27: The Working Committee, Naga National Political Groups (WC NNPGs) today iterated that any joint oil exploration deal in areas along the disputed boundary between Assam and Nagaland will be “treachery of the highest order” and demanded that any such deal must be called off.
Assam and Nagaland Chief Ministers Himanta Biswa Sarma and Neiphiu Rio had recently agreed in principle to go ahead with oil exploration in areas along their disputed boundary for the economic benefit of both States.
“… a Rio or a Himanta inking joint exploration deals for seeking royalties from companies or neighbouring States will not serve the purpose”, said a statement issued by the WC NNPGs.
The statement reminded that the current dispensation in Nagaland is a caretaker Government in the context of Indo-Naga issue and as such “slogans like employment, revenue and infra development are language of plunderers”.
The WC also questioned the comment made by NCP, a part of the opposition-less Government in Nagaland, that oil exploration and political issue are separate issues.
“Political issue and petroleum issue is woven in a single fabric and therefore NCP legislators as politicians themselves must not play ordinary politics of this nature. Forging one’s own principles identity as a party is advisable. How can natural resources in Naga ancestral soil, for which thousands of Nagas from the time of Britishers, sacrificed their lives for, and continue to do so, be separated from the Naga political discourse.
“Nagas need not be lectured on oil exploration matter. NCP as partners in the opposition less Government has been forced to stick its neck out to defend the undefensible. NNPGs will not sit quiet when the sacrifices of thousands of patriots are ignored”, it said.
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