Saturday, April 10, 2021

Joint inspection of bridge over Doyang river conducted


NFHRCC urges Govt to complete funding of the project

Dimapur, February 24: A joint inspection visit of NFHRCC, CSOs, Department of PWD(R&B) and the constructing firm to the Naga Dream Mega Project, Bridge over River Doyang at Governor’s camp, Liphanyan Wokha District was conducted on February 22 last.
The construction of the bridge started in 2014 as part of the historic Foothills Road now christened as Nagaland Expressway.
The NFHRCC resolved to urge the state Government to explore a specific head to complete the funding of the remaining approved amount once the bridge is completed as it was evident that the construction started under SPA fund but unfortunately all SPA funded was stopped due to certain changes in Governmental funding.
NFHRCC resolved to further direct the construction firm to complete the remaining portion of the construction in this working season without delay and assured them that the committee will pressurize the Government to timely release of all funds on time in commensurate with the progress of the work.
The contracting firm also expressed its frustration that altogether 39 months working days were wasted due to many unforeseen reasons and actually could able to do works only within 24 month sequences.
It assured the visiting team that they would do their utmost best to complete the remaining works without much delay even though the last tranche of fund release was done in 2017.
The departmental technical experts also expressed their appreciations to the firm that after several hiccups the progress of the construction has picked up satisfactorily and assured the team that they will submit the updated progress report to the higher authorities at the earliest.
NFHRCC also acknowledged the presence of the newly constituted LLRPO (Lotha Lower Range Public Organisations) team headed by Nongothung Yanthan in the meeting and further requested them to co-operate and extend support to the EE,PWD(R & B) Baghty Division in executing the motor able road clearance under its jurisdiction as per the Chief Engineers PWD(R& B) letter vide no. CE(R&B)/TB-HI/CORD/2019-20/PT-1/3125-28 Dated,Kohima 14thFeb.2020.
The NFHRCC further appealed to the respective EEs, PWD(R&B) of the foothills road to kindly provide reports as per the CE’s directive on or before March 15, 2020 for smooth coordination for the clearance of the entire Foothills stretch.
NFHRCC thanked and appreciated the Lotha community members and Koro New Baptist Church for preparing lunch and refreshments to the visiting team.
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