Monday, March 8, 2021
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Joint efforts only way to annihilate Covid-19: NSCN (R)

Just as anybody else, the NSCN (R) is deeply pained, perturbed and at the same time petrified by the recent outbreak of COVID-19 that is threatening the very existence of Mankind
But during this time of Global Emergency, the NSCN (R) also take this privilege to extending our sincere gratitude to the ‘UNSUNG HEROES’ of Frontline Workers comprising of Doctors, Nurses, Health workers, Police and the Press Fraternity, who despite risks of their own lives are all out in the Battlefront at the first line of Defense to keep the incoming and invading threat at bay and to keep the people updated. Also not forgetting the Assistance (s) offered by various Groups/Forums/Churches and Individuals.
The NSCN (R) is also very appreciative and acknowledge the efforts of the Nagaland Government under the Leadership of Niphieu Rio, who despite being leaders of a State with limited resources and less Revenue generating State are not cowered down by such but is all geared up to safeguard its citizens in such a great magnitude and also to bring back and all the stranded citizens (mostly comprising of less fortunate families). Most importanty, Nagaland’s Commercial Dimapur is the epicentre and if anything happens here, all Hell will break loose which will affect every district but the efforts of responsible officers like Secretary Kikheto Yepthomi, CP Rothitu Tetseo, DC Anoop Khinchi, besides, all other District DCs and Incharges, all possible threat are being monitored or at least mitigated.
Such are the times when your Statesmanship and Leadership qualities are tested, which we are positive that your deeds are second to none and appreciated by the people.
Enough instructions and advices are already discussed, enough do’s and don’ts are already deliberated, so let us not wait for Responsibility but be the Responsibility, since the only medicine available (as of now) to eradicate this menace is only through Joint Efforts and Collective Responsibilities, and no Nation, no matter how big and powerful and how advanced and technically equipped it might be, still has not been able to produce the Anti-biotics or Medicine to contain this pestilence.
This is a time where every individual should forget about their Political affiliations and Politics of Blame-Game and Finger-Pointings. This is a time when people should forget about their Social/Tribal/Community Attachments and this is a time when people should forget about their Religious Backgrounds/Denominations, but come together in Solidarity and speak in one Language, one Identity, one People and one Survival.
This is a kind of World War where no Military Mights, Sophisticated Weapons and well trained Soldiers can overcome but can only be defeated through Joint efforts and Self-Awareness.
Last but not the least, let us all feel responsible, adhere to rules and regulations given by respective Govt’s, hand-out Assistance, Co-operate and seriously pray for better times to come. We also appeal to the Govt, that besides being burdened by this mammoth task to kindly continue to help its citizens and also continue to provide assistance and to treat the Frontline workers as top priorty.
The NSCN (R) also extends this ‘Stay Safe’ wishes to all, and appraise everyone to take care, safeguard all those around your circle family and friends, till this threat is completely contained.
Let us all “KEEP THE FAITH” and “WAIT UPON THE LORD” that all will be well again.
Issued by;
MIP (Ministry of Information & Publicity)
NSCN/GPRN (Reformation)

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