Saturday, July 24, 2021
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JLF has become ineffective under PDA: NPF


‘CM not taking all elected members on board’

Dimapur, October 17: The NPF Legislature Party has alleged that the Joint Legislators’ Forum (JLF) on Naga Political Issue of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly has become ineffective under the present PDA Government.
The JLF is a forum comprising of all members of the State assembly cutting across party lines and was set up to facilitate an early amicable solution to the long pending Naga political issue.
“However, what can be termed as a lackluster attitude of the present dispensation, the members of the JLF have not been guided and led to meet any of the central leaders under the banner of JLF on Naga political issue of the NLA,” said a communiqué issued by Information & Publicity Wing of the NPF Legislature Party.
The party alleged that the Chief Minister has led only his cabinet to discuss the Naga issue with central leaders, even with or without the presence of the NLA Speaker.
“Why is the Chief Minister not welcoming the opposition MLAs when all that NPF MLAs did was to wholeheartedly support the cause without any conditions attached. Does the Chief Minister have hidden agendas to present to the central leaders in the absence of the Opposition MLAs? Or is the CM scared of the stand that the NPF MLAs might take in such meetings,” it questioned.
The communiqué also questioned why the CM “is not genuine enough to take on-board all the elected members” when the Naga political talks is at the fag end and everyone await with bated breaths for a final solution to be inked sooner than later.
“The role of the elected representatives as facilitators is more crucial at this juncture given the advanced state of the talks between the two parties. It is a sad reality that the constitution of the JLF on Naga political issue is just being confined to the papers for the optics of the present government. It is not the time to be conspicuous but rather a time to be vocal and help facilitate for an early solution which is the sole aim of the JLF and the members of the NLA as facilitators.”
The NPF Legislature Party claimed that while Leader of Opposition TR Zeliang has been very vocal about his views and of the NPF party on the Naga issue, “little is heard of where the NDPP party stands.” It stated that the LoP and the NPF has time and again reiterated that an honourable and amicable solution is a top priority and also that final solution must be inclusive of all the Naga Political Groups lest it becomes a repeat of history, which the Nagas cannot afford at this time.
It claimed that Zeliang has pointed out on several occasion that the contentious issue of Naga flag and constitution are issues that needs to be settled between the negotiating parties and not the prerogative of the elected members to comment on as facilitators.
In this regard, it also alleged that the statements put out by the LoP on Naga political issue is being taken out of context and misinterpreted to malign and start a smear campaign by his political adversaries in the sight of the central leaders.
“If the whispers from the grapevine are to be believed, the Chief Minister along with some of his cabinet colleagues have even taken it upon themselves to present to the Home Minister of India the twisted and misinterpreted statements of T.R.Zeliang and even going to the extent of commenting that Zeliang is anti-national and appropriate action should be taken upon him,” it claimed, adding the NPF Legislature Party shall not be cowed down by such frivolous activities of few vested persons.
The NPF Legislature Party further accused the leadership of NDPP of instigating the masses that a final solution should be signed at any cause regardless of whether the Nagas are granted a separate Naga flag or constitution. Condemning such “irresponsible utterances”, the NPF said it steadfastly stand behind the stand its leader TR Zeliang that any sort of differences should be handled by the negotiating parties and not by some other third party who is not part and parcel of the negotiations.
“The NDPP as a political party which is in government should be more responsible when it comes to an issue which is very dear to the Naga people and refrain from further instigations which could adversely affect the future of the Nagas should the talks derail at this time. The best that elected members can do is to help speed the process and facilitate and not lay down terms and conditions and instigate public for their selfish hidden agendas,” it said.
Stating that with the commitment of the central leadership to solve the Naga issue within three months time – that is by the month of October, the NPF said it hopes for an amicable settlement which is accepted by all and not a settlement which could further divide the Nagas and bring forth years of distress and sufferings.
Meanwhile the NPF has urged NLA Speaker to convene a JLF meeting and also make necessary arrangements at the earliest for members to go and meet central leaders under the banner of JLF and help facilitate an early solution without any further stalemate. (Page News Service)