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JDU Nagaland raises questions on 15th Oct 2020 Consultative meet

In a belated recapitulation, the Janata Dal Nagaland would like to recall the 15th October 2020, consultative meeting which the JDU boycotted. At the outset, the meeting which was organised by the State Government is in itself a confusing and a rashly organised ‘consultation’ to begin with. The lack of seriousness on the part of the Chief Minister in facilitating for an early settlement of the Indo-Naga Political Issue is evident by the sheer disregard for other political parties and haphazardly organising such a meeting and pronouncing it as though it is the ultimate voice of all stakeholders.
For a consultative meeting of such magnitude, a prelude meeting with the party leaders of various political parties should have been called wherein a roadmap can be discussed and consensus reached. Rather, the State Government hastily, at the eleventh hour calls a meeting of all political parties, civil societies, NGOs, student organisations and social workers and in the process making such important consultative meeting a waste of time and energy of all who attended, as nothing concrete nor significant decision could be reached. One can imagine what could be the outcome of such a thoroughly hotch-potched gathering where only injustice can be committed to the attendees.
The so called ‘Resolution’ adopted in the meeting is also another point of concern. The Nagaland Unit of the JDU party would like to know whether the resolution adopted on 15th October is a Government Resolution or a public resolution. Should it be a public resolution, there were no signatories from any of the public organisations. Why didn’t the apex tribal bodies and the prominent NGOs, not append their signatures in the resolution? Or if it was a political parties resolution, why wasn’t the leaders of the various political parties who attended the meeting not sign on the resolution?
What is more perplexing is that there are two sets of resolutions adopted on the 15th October 2020. One signed by the Chairperson of the meeting, Shri Neiba Kronu and Co-Chair Shri Mmhonlumo Kikon and another which was signed by the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister with addition of words. This is an unprecedented practice and a first of its kind where we see two resolutions signed by different people for one meeting held. When such confusion is within the leaders in the government, what good outcome can layman expect from them to bring about?
These matters have further confounded the people of Nagaland and to think that the State Government is now asking other political parties to endorse the resolution is not only belittling other parties but outrageous and it will not go down well in the annals of Naga history. Before they seek the support and endorsement of others, they should first come out of their confused and enchanted state of mind and be at rest themselves first.
Our humble suggestion vis-à-vis the Naga political issue is for the two entities to sort out their contentions and continue the talk smoothly and bring about honourable and acceptable solution. Also if the Central leaders want solidarity of the 60 members of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly, the Governor should summon the House so that elaborate discussion could take place and if required, Assembly resolution can be adopted unanimously which will carry the voice of the people. The practice of waging paper war and attempting to justify each other’s position between those in Government and the Opposing parties will not bring about any sustainable change but rather aggravate the fragile and sensitive issue at this critical and crucial juncture.
Issued By Publicity Wing , Janata Dal United, Nagaland.