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JDU Nagaland questions ‘absurdity’ of Clause-3 in revised SOP

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Accuses Govt of usurping powers of medical specialists
Dimapur, June 14: The Janata Dal (United) Nagaland has expressed serious concern over the state of affairs in the management of COVID-19 by the State Government.
In a press release, the State JDU referred to the addendum of 7th June to the revised Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for returnees to Nagaland dated 1st June 2020 vis-a-vis the actual reality of the efficiency and calibre of the State Government.
Stating that the “Clause 3” of the addendum, which, the party said, is an exception only to the state of Nagaland in comparison with the rest of the world, has totally undermined the credibility of the medical fraternity of State, the press release said, “The seizure of the power to release medically quarantined people from the hands of medical specialists by the state political power and handing it into the hands of the state executive machineries who does not have any medical background and knowledge is the strangest action which is not expected to happen even in time of emergency.”
“Even the most autocratic and dictatorial regime would not have thought of imposing such power for fear of its consequences. The hard earned medical degrees and the amount of money spent by the state government and individuals on acquiring the degrees are now thrown into the winds because of this “Clause 3,” it alleged.
Stating that “a very bad precedence has already been created due to this said addendum”, the State JDU wondered whether the State Government has constituted a “Super Specialists Team” of outsiders in the office of the Chief Secretary to advise him on the recommendation of the District Task Force for the release of the quarantined people. “Or else the state team of doctors and nurses should resign en mass for they do not matter anymore,” it said.
According to the JDU, the said “Clause 3” is also an act of cruelty and victimization of the quarantined people who are compelled to undergo an uncertain increase in number days of physical, mental and financial hardships in the quarantined centres. This said Clause 3, the party claimed, is draconian in its character and has inflicted and caused casualties not only on the returnees in the quarantine centres but also on the parents and near and dear ones at home who are daily witnessing the pain and hardships of their love ones in the quarantine centres.
The JDU also wondered whether the impositions of this “Clause 3” is actually meant to fulfill the claim of the Nagaland Government that Nagaland has the strictest rules of lockdown in the country.
The party said “the absurdity” of absurdity this Clause 3 must be challenged either by the society itself or in the courtroom so that precedence of such nature does not get repeated in times to come. “If need be, the JDU is willing to shoulder the financial responsibility of taking up the cause of the quarantined people in the court of law and for this matter the party can be contacted through the mobile numbers: 9862854682/8837482417. Justice must be delivered to the affected victims and they must be duly compensated for the mental, physical and material damage that is already caused and expected to cause as a result of the imposition of the said “Clause 3”, it said.
Meanwhile the JDU has appreciated the wisdom and discerning action of the civil societies of Dimapur and fully supported the resolutions adopted during the meeting between the Government Empowered Group for Dimapur District and the civil societies of Dimapur on June 12. It asked the Government of the day to understand that the power given by the people should be exercised for the convenience of the people and not for causing hardship and miseries to the people. (Page News Service)