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JD (U) affirms to take up Naga political issue in Parliament

JDU phizo
JD(U) leaders pose for lens after paying tribute to former NNC President, A Z Phizo on Thursday

Asks GoI to grant solution

KOHIMA, JUNE 30: The Janata Dal (United) Thursday affirmed to take up the Naga Political Issue (NPI) in Parliament and ask the Government of India to grant solution to the vexed problem.
The assurance was made by JD (U) National president and Lok Sabha MP, Rajiv Ranjan Singh alias Lalan Singh during a press conference held here.
He is leading a 6-member High Power Delegation (HPD) of JD (U) including its general secretary in-charge of Northeast and Bihar MLA Afaque Ahmed Khan, general secretary Harshvardhan Singh, Lok Sabha MPs Kaushalendra Kumar and Ramprit Mandal and Rajya Sabha MP Neel Prasad Hegde to Nagaland to review the preparations for the year-along celebration of 120th birth anniversary of Jaya Prakash Narayan, loving called as JP.
It is a matter of pride to the JD (U) that JP played an important role in the 1964 Nagaland Peace Mission and had travelled the nook and corner of Nagaland to understand firsthand the aspirations of local people, said Singh.
Nonetheless, he lamented that permanent peace or a final solution to the Naga political issue is yet to be attained in Nagaland.
“The Naga political solution is a long pending demand of Nagaland, we (JD (U) want a permanent and long lasting solution of this issue”, he said.
“People want peace in Nagaland and we also want it”, he said, adding that the HPD is here to listen to the views of different social organizations in the State vis-à-vis the Naga political struggle.
Recollecting the BJP’s assurance ahead of the 2018 elections “Election for Solution”, Singh said, the assurance was given for a solution but despite the term almost coming to end yet there is no solution.
Singh expressed that the role of the State Government for Naga solution is very vital but it is only being a messenger to collect information and send to either side. The State Government has to act for permanent peace in Nagaland, he said.
BJP is part of the State Government and the 2018 commitment has not been fulfilled and now people of Nagaland feel betrayed, he said.
The issue has to be addressed properly to achieve a permanent and long lasting solution, he said, adding that all stakeholders including the Naga civil society organizations have to be consulted for a permanent solution.
“We see in Nagaland that commitments are not being fulfilled because of which there is no permanent peace”, he said.
Nevertheless, he said the national JD (U) team is here only to assess the political situation and raise it in Parliament so that final, permanent and long lasting peace is restored in Nagaland, he said.
“JP Narayan is respected by all in Nagaland and the real tribute to him on the 120th birth anniversary will be a permanent peace in the State”, he said.
On the HPD’s visit to the graveyard of former president of Naga National Council A Z Phizo earlier in the morning, Singh said “Phizo is father of the Naga movement and everybody respects him, so it was tribute to the departed soul and also a respect and solidarity with the Nagas”.
Asked about JD (U) views on the demand for separate flag and constitution of the Nagas, Singh reiterated that “every stakeholder and group should be consulted before the final agreement”.
The JD (U) urges the Naga people to be united and play a major role in the building of this greatest democracy of the world as a major stakeholder, he said.
“India needs the Nagas as much as the Nagas need India. An amicable solution is possible only on the basis of mutual trust. Hence, we urge upon the negotiating parties to work with absolute sincerity so that there will be no further delay to strike an honourable solution which shall safeguard the interests of Nagas and India”, the JD (U) said.
Firmly viewing that armed confrontation will not bring any solution, Singh appreciated that an Opposition-less Government has been formed to work for an early solution to the Indo-Naga problem.
However, he said it has not done justice as the Core Committee of State Government on Naga issue, except for meeting some few top brass of the Central Government in power, have failed to meet the other prominent political parties and legendary political figures and stalwarts of the country who can play pivotal role in the solution process of the Nagas.
As solutions cannot be found by getting bullied by one single political party and towing to their whims and fancies, JD (U) party believes that consultations should be broad based among various political parties who are stakeholders, he said.
The JD (U) reminded the Core Committee of the State Government that it must understand that the solution has to go through Parliament and it needs the support of, if not all, at least the main prominent political parties.
“It is unfortunate that the CCNPI is not well guided in understanding the political complexities of the nation vis-à-vis to an issue as vexed as the Naga Political problem”, the JD(U) said while urging the Opposition-less Government to be more sincere and visionary in their approach and “not to take the Naga Issue for their selfish pitiful gains”.
Singh informed that the delegation has met at least 4 apex bodies in the State – Naga Peoples’ Movement for Human Right, Naga Hoho, Eastern Nagaland Peoples’ Organisation, Global Naga Forum and other bodies and discussed the Naga issue with them.
However, they would not be meeting the Naga national groups or the State Government, he said
“We will analyze the situation and raise it in Parliament and ask the GoI to come to a conclusion”, he assured.
Meanwhile, JD (U) general secretary Khan requested that as a tribute to JP, a JP Peace Mission Memorial Park and Museum be constructed at Kohima.
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