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JCC celebrates 25th anniversary


Something conspicuously missing in Christian colleges: Dr. KA Kevichüsa

KOHIMA, NOVEMBER 26: With the vision to impart God-fearing quality education for all round development of individuals to serve humanity, with faith and work ensuring success, Japfü Christian College, founded in 1996, celebrated its 25th anniversary on November 27.
The speaker at the JCC’s Silver Jubilee celebration, Dr. Kethoser Aniu Kevichüsa said that “to be truly a Christian College, a college must strive to look at all the subjects that are being taught and learned from a distinctly Christian perspective.

He said that while a typical Christian College may prohibit smoking and drinking of alcohol, has vibrant evangelical union and holds annual spiritual retreat, but if one looks carefully there is something that is conspicuously missing in a Christian college.
In all of these colleges, there is little or no integration of Christian thinking and biblical truth in the teaching or the curriculum that is being taught.
Subjects, be it philosophy, economics, literature and politics are taught well but are taught independently and secularly with no relation or whatsoever to the Christian thinking and the Christian thinking is abandoned in all these endeavours, he said.
While conceding that there are hindrances, limitations, difficulties through the syllabi, curricula and university rules that needs to be followed, Kevichüsa asserted that in order to be truly to be Christian college, it must strive to look at all its subjects that are being taught and learnt from a distinctly Christian perspective.
“We must be willing to bring a Christian perspective into the discussion so that our understanding of politics is also enriched by a deep Biblical and Christian flavor”, he said.
He posited, “When it comes to the topic of the Naga Political Issue, should we relegate and surrender the discussion to the political theorist from somewhere who are experts, or do we leave it to the politicians who are just guided by political calculations or do we leave it to the opportunists or do we also have something to contribute from a uniquely Biblical and Christian perspective?

The first and foremost step for a Christian College in to integrate the Christian thinking with universal knowledge, which should be followed by the integration of the whole person by having a coherent approach to education where there is the development of the mind, spirit, body and emotions as stated in the mission of the Council of Christian College Union (CCCU), he maintained.
Kevichüsa also pointed out the common thread that was shared by the CCCU’s mission statement and the vision of the New Education Policy 2020.
He said, the goal of NEP 2020 states that in view of the requirements of the 21st Century, the aim of quality university or college education must be to develop good, well-rounded and creative individuals. University or College education must build character, build ethical and constitutional values, intellectual curiosity, spirit of service and 21st Century capabilities.
He also exhorted to the students that the college is a place where one can grow intellectually. “You have come to a place where you will encounter ideas that will transform and change you forever. But you will also encounter ideas that will challenge one’s bad ideas and one must be open to this”, he said.

College is a place where one will develop life-long intellectual virtues such as studiousness, humility, docility, courage and charity. This is the place where one will learn to read, think and write critically, creatively and courageously, he added.
He also stressed on the importance for a Christian College to integrate knowledge with wisdom. At present, we have more information but we have little knowledge, we have more knowledge than ever but we have little wisdom and as a result we fail to achieve our purpose, he added.
Principal JCC, Visakhonü Hibo said that while the day is a defining moment for all lives that had shared a memory with Japfü Christian College, JCC was a shared dream for a lot of people right from the start. And it is my commitment and bounden duty, together with all staff and students, to continue making JCC a shared dream for all years to come, she stated.
JCC has about a 1000 students’ strength and 42 Staff and Faculty members. Apart from that, 14 Supporting Staff are engaged presently for menial works of the college. JCC with a B+ NAAC is eligible to receive RUSA Funding from UGC if the Government of Nagaland allows, she said.
Thus far, 2409 students have graduated from JCC till May 2021. Many more have completed their PU Arts/ Senior Secondary Courses successfully and gone to pursue varied careers and the alumni are the real ambassadors of the college, she said.

“What JCC is at present is through hard work and dedication of its Pioneer Principal Hüsazu Epao and teachers, and I firmly believe that the present staff and faculty members will run faster and smarter to take JCC forward in the race towards academic excellence”, she said.
Pointing out that the immediate need of JCC is to nurture the Post Graduate Programme (MA in Sociology) and others, to a respectable level amongst the academic fraternity. Hibo said that while the 3rd NAAC Cycle is due in 2023, the college looks forward to better and greater funding sources from the University Grants Commission and other stakeholders.
Earlier during the programme, Pioneer Principal of JCC, Hüsazu Epao addressed the gathering. He said that JCC has changed so much for the better over the course of 25 years and added that while the day is a time to celebrate, education has become so competitive and as things change tremendously in the field of education, “I hope the managing board of the College will find wisdom and the strength to keep up with the fast changing education system.”
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