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Jasper the dog has its day

Jasper the dog

Preacher’s dog stands guard for 25 minutes inside church while his guardian delivers a sermon in Mokokchung
KOHIMA, MARCH 12: In a classic case of the tail wagging the dog, Jasper, a preacher’s dog, stole the limelight from his owner, leaving the congregation amused and reaching for their phone-cameras in a village in Mokokchung.

This unusual incident occurred at Kobulong Baptist Church in Kobulong village(13 km from Mokokchung) on the evening of March 11, as Jasper stood guard for 25 minutes below the pulpit while his guardian, who is the Youth Director of Kobulong Baptist Church (KBC), delivered a sermon.
Narrating the turn of events, KBC Youth Director, Akumzulu told Nagaland Page that the church had organised a programme for the women of Kobulong village on March 11 since the church could not organise one on the occasion of International Women’s Day.
The church service was in the evening hours and he was also expected to deliver a sermon, so he casually went to the church “like any other day”, oblivious to Jasper making its way to the church behind him.
“When it was my turn to deliver the sermon, I walked up to the elevated pulpit and began my sermon. And not even a minute into the sermon, Jasper entered our church through the side-door and headed straight to the place where I was standing,” said the Youth Director.
“The congregation was also amused and I too could not help but laugh at the things that were happening right in front of me,” he shared.
Further recapping the moments that transpired, Akumzulu said that since he was speaking, the Chairperson of the programme tried to shoo Jasper away from the pulpit, to which Jasper obliged.
“However, as I continued with the sermon, the congregation was taking out their mobile phones and taking pictures, which I thought was unusual because it does not happen often when I speak,” he said.

“All this was because Jasper was still standing below the pulpit obstructed from my sight and he continued to stand still for the rest of the sermon. After finishing the sermon, I returned to my seat where the congregation was seated and Jasper followed me there as well and sat himself,” the Youth Director said. (Page News Service)