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Jaong Company launched

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DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 26: With the idea to change the lifestyle of Naga people, Jaong Company was launched on Thursday with the drive to reach out to a larger consumer not only in our state, but nationally and internationally.

The programme was hosted by Opang Jamir, who highlighted and praised his friend, also founder of the Company, Lima Jamir for launching the long awaited Company.
Jaong Company is an e-commerce website platform for virtual shopping. It is a virtual shop where all products starting from fashion to healthcare and services are available and it also provides assistance to upcoming entrepreneurs and customers. It is also a platform for assisting entrepreneurs to reach out to larger audience and consumers as a whole.
Founder of the company, Lima Jamir said that he started the company in 2018 as a small firm which gradually led to where he stands today with more than 25 partners and provides simple user experience, excellent service and trusted customer service.
He said Jaong Company is an assistant company, as this company is nothing like an e-commerce business, and they want to help people as there is nothing like a helping hand and is there to help. The company wants to help young entrepreneurs, promote, mentor and guide them on awareness in the world of business with the help of experts, he said adding they don’t just sell but also help in promoting entrepreneurs who join them.
He informed that the company also provides a platform for advertising products and branding of products to build the business. helps to build the brand, create scientific system to work non-stop to reach certain height and to keep working hard as it will help the Naga businesses to intake their brand national and internationally, he added. The company will start functioning from December 1, 2020.
Lima also said that traditional way of shopping is going away as technological way of shopping is taking over the market. The use of technology is very important for business so virtual platform can reach the other side of the horizon.
He further said that is different from other companies because it provides public-to-public, public-to-customers and business-from-business services, which is a first in Nagaland. It also provides transportation of goods from one place to another, where the delivery executive picks and delivers at the customer’s desired location using Toll Free Number.
Special guest, Sashila Ozukum, Administrator of Hope Academy, launched the website officially.
In her speech, she said that Lima passionately explained the art of Jaong Company and showed his dedication towards the company. She said that Nagaland is still unexplored to entrepreneurial novices as our people tend to give up easily and also expect things to happen fast without patience.
She appealed to the founder and company to never give up on their passion and pursue it with devotion because they are the future of Naga economy as they cannot depend only on Government jobs.
She said that entrepreneurs are the heart of Naga economy and encouraged everyone never to give up. She said that Jaong Company is launched at the right time and encouraged Lima and his team to work hard with their passion and dedication as nothing is impossible.
She wished and prayed that the company will flourish successfully.
The launching of Jaong Company ended with dedication prayer by Pastor Toshi, DABA, who prayed for a fruitful and successful journey of the company.
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