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Jamir questions Church’s silence on prevailing moral bankruptcy in Nagaland

S C Jamir

‘Systematic collapse of all systems in the State’

DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 31: Former Odisha Governor Dr SC Jamir has questioned the silence of the powerful Church in Nagaland on the prevailing moral bankruptcy in Naga society at large.
In an article titled ‘The Church – The Sleeping Giant’, the former Nagaland Chief Minister observed that the present-day state of affairs in Nagaland leaves much to be desired, and expressed dismay over the web of greed and deceit being indulged with impunity and with scant regard for the rule of law.
“The writings on the wall are evident today as Nagaland has become like a ship without a rudder. This has ultimately given birth to all forms of social evils resulting in violence, killing, gun-culture, hatred, divisive forces and massive corruption which seem to be the order of the day. Such as is evident the systematic collapse of all systems in the state.
“Should we, the Church remain silent and allow the already volatile situation to degenerate more? Or remain just silent spectators only,” he asked.
According to Dr Jamir, the Church is there to correct, admonish and guide the members to the true principles and teaching of Jesus Christ with no exception. But he lamented that negative forces have raised their ugly heads everywhere and in every sphere of activity, and it has infused itself on our culture, traditions, and beliefs and even penetrated our faith.
Jamir also expressed dismay at the eroding democratic ideals and transparent principles of trust in Nagaland.
“Do we have any doubts, that all the elected members of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly are Christians? But where are the guiding principles and ideals of Christianity in their conduct and in their running of the democratic institutions? The great irony is that almost all electorates are also Christians,” he lamented.
Stating that election in Nagaland has become not only a thriving industry but institutionalized, Jamir alleged that votes are sold or auctioned openly to the highest bidder, who is advertently elected. He insisted that it is the Church that should come out openly very courageously and speak out against such evil practices.
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