Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Jalukie fiasco: JAC demands immediate disciplinary action against erring officials

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Dimapur, June 4: The Joint Action Committee (JAC) – COVID-19, Peren District has demanded immediate disciplinary action against officers responsible for sending a COVID-19 patient to Jalukie along with 16 returnees from Chennai who tested negative as per the provisions of the relevant law of the present crisis.
In a letter to the Chief Minister-cum-chairman, High Powered Committee for COVID-19, the JAC highlighted the gross breach of State SOP on the night of June 3 when a lady returnee from Chennai, who was tested positive for COVID-19 on June 3 was sent in the same bus along with other 16 Chennai returnees who were tested negative.
The JAC said the positive patient and her accompanying returnees of the same day were kept in different quarantine centres by the Dimapur District Task Force, only to be informed on June 4 morning that the lady was mistakenly sent though her test result was positive.
“The gross violation of SOP by the sending District (Dimapur) has put the lives of the District citizens in general at risk and the accompanying returnees and those already in different quarantine centres in particular at greater risk of contracting the virus,” it said.
The JAC stated that the incident compelled all the quarantine centres in use to be sealed off as containment zones thus contracting the district’s capacity to accommodate other returnees.
In this connection, the JAC asked, “Was the said lady (Chennai returnee) sent to the receiving District in hurry without confirmation of her test report as was the case of Tuensang returnees? Or Was she sent to the receiving District intentionally in spite of confirmation of her test result?”
The JAC demanded immediate answers to the queries from the concerned officers of the sending District and the State Government “as this shows total disregard to the citizens of Peren District.”
The JAC warned that if any public uprising arises out of such mishandling or negligence by Government servants, it shall be the sole responsibility of the State Government. (Page News Service)