Monday, June 21, 2021
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It is natural for NDPP to be insecure: NPF


Dimapur, October 14: Opposition Naga People’s Front (NPF) has ridiculed the ruling PDA alliance for repeatedly echoing their unity stand, saying it speaks volumes about their insecurity.
“Whether the PDA alliances is united and firm and committed to one another, the Naga People’s Front have nothing to do with it but repeatedly echoing their unity stand and firing lies after lies accusing their opposition NPF by the new born NDPP party speaks their insecurity in handling their partners and running the affair of the state,” it said in response a NDPP statement about unity of the PDA alliance.
The NPF reminded the ruling NDPP that dislodging any ruling Government is the duty and prime requisite of any opposition party. It said it is natural for the NDPP to be insecure with their numbers (17) as against the largest NPF (26), as at any point of time the NPF may topple the PDA Government.
“…time and again the NPF comforted the NDPP that the NPF will not form any government unless it will be a stable one unlike the present government,” it said.
Stating that it will never shy away from people’s welfare issue though being in the opposition, the NPF said the NDPP cannot expect that the NPF to remain silent spectators while their Chief Minister is taking the State to “more backward zone with all his might and intention.”
The NPF also accused Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio of cheating the Naga people when he insisted on contesting the Lok Sabha poll in 2014 despite request from the NPF party to continue as CM. “The NPF legislatures party, the NPF party and the DAN alliance have requested him not to go to Lok Sabha and continue as the Chief Minister but he refused and therefore, the NPF and the people of the state elected him to Lok Sabha according to his desire. However, on his disappointment at New Delhi, he again cheated the Naga people and resigned from his seat and came for the state electoral battle.”
“With the support of the BJP alliance, Rio was made the Chief Minister of PDA Government but from the day one till date, none of his commitment made to the Naga people were attained,” it said.
The NPF also alleged that one of the biggest blunders in the entire history of the Naga people was Chief Minister Rio “sold away the legitimate right of the Nagas” to be integrated under one administrative umbrella by rejecting in the national media and reducing to emotional integration, which, it said, reflects his concern for the Naga people.
“Again, Rio cheated and fooling the Naga people that his PDA government will not oppose the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 by stating that Article 371 (A) has given sufficient protection to the Naga people.”
“The Chief Minister is either confused himself or intentionally fooling the Naga people that while passing the GST Bill in the floor of the August House, he stated Nagas are protected and had nothing to worry about but GST does not exclude any classification of people in the country,” it said.
On the issue of NDPP defending the NLA Speaker’s office, the NPF said its legislature have only asked for an appropriate time where the issues pertaining to the welfare of the Naga people is discussed. However, it alleged that the PDA Government was not willing to give even an hour to the opposition members for discussion hour but allotted only 8 minutes in the recently concluded assembly session. “But if the PDA is feeling insecure to face for one hour discussion and scared of their misdeed to enter into the public domain, it is for the people to understand how stable and accountable the present PDA government is.”
Stating that every sensible Naga leaders is closely watching the game of Rio led PDA Government in running the affair of the State, the NPF said any fracture caused to the PDA Government will be the creation of its own leader “as the NPF is in no mood to lure away any members of the PDA as alleged by the NDPP.” (Page News Service)