Monday, September 27, 2021
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Is this ‘New India’?

While the Pro-CAA and the Anti-CAA fight it out at North-East Delhi killing Head Constable Ratan Lal, three civilians and injuring many in the protest, our Prime Minister Modiji hugs President Trump showing him an illusion of a beautiful India by revamping every space where he is to pass or set foot. If only this clean drive and hasty minor developments would occur in such a fast pace for real India. A wall was built to hide slums where some of the residents complained that they were given eviction notices. The only difference that this visit by another “leader” is that the “white parda” (curtain) that is usually put up has been replaced by a colourfully painted wall of friendship ties with the USA. This is probably where we learn to whitewash our roads when important events are to be held in our state.
It is petrifying to see the clashes on this same day the Citizenship Amendment Act has brought about. Here we are witnessing terror caused by a decision that brings back our brothers and sisters who are suffering as minorities except the Muslims in neighbouring countries considering their majority. So now, what about the Indian Muslims who are outraged because of the discrimination thrown so openly in their faces? Retreating to violence instead of peaceful means of protests that every democratic country holds dear cannot be an answer. I fail to understand as to why Pro-CAA supporters needed to tickle a bird who is already so agitated. There was no need for this atrocity of what can be called a small form of the start of a war that is rising between Indians. Of course, the war was present since time immemorial but is it so now that mere common citizens now have the audacity and the power to carry guns and shoot out at anyone? Pelting stones at each other is not going to help any of us.
A humble cry to our leaders promoting division of our proud colourful diversity is to stop this menacing. Stop the instigations and use your platforms given by us to lead us to our future for uniting India by respecting every religion instead of insulting and name-calling each other and spreading “goli maro…” slogans.
India belongs to all of us. Just by putting Broccoli in a samosa for high tea for Trump may give you the attention you want by the blind but the whole world is watching and anticipating at the edge of our seats. Is this ‘New India’? Listen to our weary minds. Being deaf to so many voices may be a terrible mistake for our future together.
International ties are important but what about #delhiburning? Look into our country and help Indians be Indians.
Detesting the ideology of Hindutva that divides and respecting Hinduism that accepts all let me end this piece by how Swami Vivekananda spoke of Hinduism that not merely tolerates other faiths but accepts them as they are. This acceptance of differences has been key to our country’s survival making ‘unity in diversity’.
Naomi Kikon
MA in Political Science.

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